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with Cynthia Knox
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Realistic Textures in Colored Pencil

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Learn how to draw textures that will expand your artistic repertoire and elevate the realism of your work! With award-winning colored pencil artist Cynthia Knox as your guide, you'll begin by covering how to apply the different pencil pressures, strokes and layering techniques you need to tame all kinds of textures. Next, discover how to create both smooth and uneven textures as you draw different fruits. Move on to metallic surfaces and find out how to capture the look of silver, brass and even glass! Ready to improve your outdoor drawings and still lifes? Get Cynthia's tips for drawing woodgrain and knots in branches or tree trunks. Then, improve your animal drawings with a lesson on drawing different types of fur and feathers with lifelike depth. In her last lesson, Cynthia will show you to how mimic the look of leather, denim and even lace.


  • intermediate
  • 6 episodes
  • 1h47m

Included in this Class

1. Organic Textures

1. Organic Textures

Start things off by learning the essential colored pencil techniques you'll use to create all of the textures in class. Cynthia will cover techniques for varying pencil pressure, burnishing and layering values. Then render the surfaces of fruits to practice achieving shiny and dull textures and a range of values and tones.

2. Uneven Surfaces & Markings

2. Uneven Surfaces & Markings

Fruit serves as the perfect subject for studying uneven surfaces and markings such as dimples, dents and more. Learn how to apply small highlights and soft blending to achieve these looks, and practice creating random dots and jagged linear markings to indicate freckles and distress lines.

3. Metallic Textures

3. Metallic Textures

Love the look of shining silver? Find out how to recreate it by layering from the darkest dark values to the brightest highlights. Then employ a warmer palette to capture the look of brass objects. Cynthia will even help you heighten the realism of your metallic textures by incorporating fine details.

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  • Standard art supplies: pencils, pens, surfaces, kneaded eraser, craft knife
  • Colored pencils