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with Kerry Brooks
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Radiant Portraits in Colored Pencil

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Discover the keys to a luminous composition as accomplished artist Kerry Brooks shows you how to draw a portrait with colored pencils. You’ll choose a compelling source image and use a light color to create a freehand drawing on toned paper. Discover Kerry’s expert tips for achieving accurate proportion as you develop your sketch, and find out how to use tonal shifts to imply sculptural dimension and depth. Then, learn how to mix and layer colors to create a stunning spectrum of lifelike skin tones. Explore an array of techniques for sketching expressive, realistic eyes, and use glazing to add luminous catchlights. And, conquer the challenges of sketching hair as you learn to depict touchable texture and vibrant shine. Refine your work with professional finishing touches, and complete class with a range of transferable skills and an impeccably executed portrait.


  • advanced
  • 7 episodes
  • 3h9m

Included in this Class

1. Subject Matters

1. Subject Matters

Meet your instructor, artist Kerry Brooks, and begin your journey to create polished, lifelike portraits with realistic skin tones and hair textures. First, Kerry advises you on her favorite materials -- from paper and pencils to erasers and other accessories -- and her preferred drawing setup. Then, explore what makes a good source photo as Kerry shares what she looks for when choosing a subject and what elements to avoid.

2. Establishing a Framework

2. Establishing a Framework

Start to build out the framework of your portrait and draw along with Kerry as you begin to pencil in the initial form of your subject. Discover how to achieve accuracy and likeness even in this rough stage as you work your way through your portrait, gradually adding detail and highlights. Gather tips for how to keep facial features in proper proportion, move throughout your portrait and analyze your own work.

3. Creating Value & Form

3. Creating Value & Form

Continue to develop your form as you begin to establish the values in your portrait. Begin with a light touch as you start your first tonal layer and then continue to bring in highlights and establish midtones with Kerry's guidance. Learn how to add deeper tones to bring your portrait to life as you continue to add dimension and refine your work one layer at a time.

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  • Standard art supplies: pencils, pens, surfaces, kneaded eraser
  • Colored pencils