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Perspective in Landscape Drawing

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Master linear perspective and learn to draw landscapes accurately using simple tools and classic techniques.

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What You Get

  • 7 Streaming HD video lessons with anytime, anywhere access
  • Downloadable class resources, including a printable supply list and instructions for making five perspective tools with common materials
  • Hours of close-up instruction
  • Answers from fellow classmates in our virtual classroom
  • Closed captioning available (web only)

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Class Overview

A seasoned instructor of linear perspective, Connors shares a brief overview of the significance and history of perspective in art, then leads you through a series of drawing exercises designed to strengthen your perceptual skills and explore compositional strategies. You'll see how these strategies have been employed by other artists and learn how to make your own compositional tools. Using a model landscape, you'll refine your ability to visualize a scene then explore atmospheric perspective by building up a sketch with tonal masses. Add depth to your work with Connors' guidance and personal feedback.

What You'll Learn

* The historical use of perspective in art

* Suggested sketching tools and supplies

* Making and using composing L's

* Assessing your work

* The use of lines, outlines and planes

* Creating your own Albertian veil from Plexiglas

* Using plumb lines and a measuring stick

* Refining natural details

* Transferring and copying drawings

* Using light mass, midtone mass and shadow mass to create illusionistic space

What You'll Draw

* A series of guided sketching exercises to practice perspective techniques

What You'll Love

* Adding both skills and easily made tools to your artist's toolbox

* Applying techniques you've learned to create successful drawings

* The ability to bookmark techniques and concepts you want to find again easily

* A 30-second repeat option that lets you loop any section of instruction

* Downloadable, printable class materials with a supply list and instructions for making perspective tools

* Interacting with a world-class instructor of perspective and with fellow classmates

* Lifetime access via any web-enabled device, anytime, anywhere

Lesson Breakdown

1. Meet Patrick Connors
Patrick introduces himself, discusses pictorial depth and introduces you to masterpiece works of art that use perspective.
2. Tools & Supplies
3. Perception & Misperceptions
4. The Albertian Veil
5. Landscape Drawing & More Tools
6. The Layout of the Land
7. Atmospheric Perspective

Taught by

Patrick Connors
Patrick Connors
Patrick Connors is an award-winning easel painter and a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. His drawings and paintings are exhibited across the country, as well as internationally in both private and public collections. Patrick has taught linear perspective at the Graduate School of the New York Academy of Art, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art: Manhattan and Rome Programs.

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