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Mixed Media Drawing

Colored Pencil & Ink Wash
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Combine colored pencil and ink wash to create an impressive work of art with Robert Kogge as your guide. Begin by transferring a still life sketch to canvas and use colored pencil to blend layers of vivid color. Add volumetric form to your subject as you create subtle tonal shifts, and learn how to make your transitions and edges soft and seamless. Discover how to use the texture of your canvas to create striking atmospheric perspective as Robert reveals his signature ink wash technique. Enhance and deepen shadows with rich washes and use dry glazing to add a sense of luminous dimension. Refine and complete your still life, then find out how to apply what you've learned to create landscapes and portraits with incredible depth. Unlock the skills to make truly one-of-a-kind works of art!


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 1h59m

Included in this Class

1. Canvas Preparation

1. Canvas Preparation

Meet your instructor, artist and workshop teacher Robert Kogge. Dive into your class with an introduction to the technique of blending ink washes and colored pencils to create complex, evocative works. Then start mixing tonal ground and applying it to a prepared canvas as you learn how the grain of the canvas will play a key role throughout your work.

2. Transfers & Value Blocking

2. Transfers & Value Blocking

Robert demonstrates how to transfer an image to canvas using an easy classical method. You'll make a light grid as you begin to block in the form, placement and relationship of your subjects, exploring a colored-pencil monochromatic study of value in the process.

3. Mixing Colors

3. Mixing Colors

Go from monochromatic work to a study in color as Robert shows you how to select, mix and experiment with a wide array of pencil colors. Learn how to apply a general local color before moving deeper into the creation of increasingly complex contours and values.