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with Lynne Chapman
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Expressive Picture Book Characters

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Learn how to draw compelling characters for picture books that will be read again and again. Alongside accomplished illustrator Lynne Chapman, you'll start with techniques for using basic shapes to draw any human character with proportions perfect for picture books. With these fundamentals covered, find out how to draw cute animals with personified features and animal-specific details. Next, build skills for drawing clothes that reveal your character's gender, age, profession and personality traits. Move on to drawing facial expressions and body language that show your character's emotions and personality. Then, build confidence drawing characters on the move with two fun exercises. You'll even find out how to bring your scenes to life by showing the interactions between your characters and their surroundings.


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h48m

Included in this Class

1. Creating Human Characters

1. Creating Human Characters

Meet your instructor, Lynne Chapman, and get started drawing expressive characters! Learn the basic shapes behind all human characters and identify the proportions defining young and old characters. Then, learn how to draw three-quarter-view facial features to add dimension to your drawing.

2. Creating Animal Characters

2. Creating Animal Characters

Learn the advantages and disadvantages of using animals as characters. Practice sketching a cute cat with humanized features, such as feet and a smile, and discover how altered proportions add personality. Then, expand your characterization with Lynne's techniques to draw animal-specific details.

3. Dressing Your Characters

3. Dressing Your Characters

Adding clothes to your characters makes it more fun for the reader! Learn how Lynne uses small details to help readers identify gender, social codings and personality traits. Just don't cover up your animal-specific details! Lynne helps you determine other potential problems with dressing animals.

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