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with Rob Zeller
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Drawn to Painting

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Discover the captivating world of value and composition as you add dimension, light and form to a charcoal drawing. Then transform your sketch into an expressive oil painting. Simple drawing exercises will train your eye to break large objects into basic geometric shapes. Then venture into an exploration of the classical concepts of beauty and form.

What You'll Create

* A value-rich charcoal drawing based on a cast of your choice

* A stunning oil painting of your cast, using a copy of your underdrawing as a template

What You'll Learn

* Assessing how to break up large shapes into smaller pieces to render accurate proportions

* Understanding the value scale and implementing shadows and highlights

* Transferring a drawing onto your canvas with ease and accuracy

* Working from general to specific to create a highly detailed drawing with veiling, hatching and shading

* Classical oil painting techniques

* Painting value transitions as well as hard and soft edges

* Refining a painting and adding details, even after your painting has dried

What You'll Love

* Training your eye to find geometric elements, light and shadows in your subject

* Creating value scales that will serve as road maps for your work

* Blending classical techniques with your own creative touches

* The consistency and control that comes with working from a cast

* A thorough, easy-to-follow overview of oil painting that will inspire and excite artists of all levels

* Applying your new skills to all types of future works in portraiture, perspective, composition, drawing and painting

* Accessing the class at any time from any web-connected device, allowing you to fit the class into your own schedule

* Interacting with Zeller for expert tips, helpful feedback and professional critiques all along the way

* Downloading class materials that include visual references of the cast and various stages of drawings and paintings, in addition to helpful supplies and resources


  • beginner
  • 8 episodes
  • 4h10m

Included in this Class

1. Meet Rob Zeller

1. Meet Rob Zeller

Meet Zeller, learn about skull proportions, portraiture and how to draw from a cast.

2. Blocking In the Drawing

2. Blocking In the Drawing

Sketch facial features and define light and shadow shapes. Learn tips for drawing eyes and hair.

3. Adding Value to Your Drawing

3. Adding Value to Your Drawing

Learn to apply smooth-transitioning values to your drawing.