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with Gary Faigin
Online Class

Drawing Facial Features

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Create a compelling portrait that captures the likeness of your subject and shows the range and depth of human emotion! With Faigin's guidance, you'll discover the fundamental forms of the skull and how to use basic ratios to accurately depict distinct facial patterns. Sketch a compositional study of the underlying structure of the face, and use gradual tonal changes to define the ridges and planes of your rendering. Learn to draw emotionally animated eyes and an authentic smile, and transform your portrait from flat to fully dimensional with highlights and shadows.

What You'll Learn

* The fundamental structure of the human skull, eye, cheekbones, jaw, nose and mouth

* To recognize facial patterns that can be personalized for a wide variety of subjects

* How to draw and arrange realistic facial features based on the anatomy behind the flesh

* The individual elements of expressive eyes and how to identify them on a live model

* How to draw a relaxed mouth and a natural smile

* When to use soft and hard edges

* To build the head, nose, lips and eyes using simple shapes

* How to use shadows and highlights to give your drawn faces a 3-D quality

What You'll Make

* Accurate self portraits with engaging eyes, proportional noses and shaded lips

* Instantly recognizable drawings of your family and friends

What You'll Love

* Tips on avoiding common portraiture pitfalls

* Using basic building blocks to easily recreate anyone's face on the page

* Capturing the facial features that make each subject unique yet recognizable

* Interacting with your world-class instructor and fellow students to answer all your questions

* 24-hour lifetime access from your web-enabled device, allowing you to take the class on your schedule


  • intermediate
  • 8 episodes
  • 3h47m

Included in this Class

1. Drawing a Likeness

1. Drawing a Likeness

Meet Faigin and learn about recognizing facial patterns and deciphering the skull.

2. The Upper Half of the Skull

2. The Upper Half of the Skull

Draw anatomically correct skulls, including the brow ridges and eye sockets.

3. The Lower Half of the Skull

3. The Lower Half of the Skull

Draw anatomically correct noses, cheekbones, jaws and chins.

Recommended with this class

  • Standard art supplies: pencils, pens, surfaces, kneaded eraser