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with Charles Valsechi
Online Class

Drawing Essentials: Rendering Form

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Achieve a new level of realism in your drawing! Learn how to draw form with step-by-step guidance from fine artist and instructor Charles Valsechi. Start by discovering how to sketch basic geometric forms, which will help you draw everyday objects accurately. Build on this foundation as you break down more complex objects into simple shapes, before bringing them to life with details. Next, enhance your ability to depict light and shadow as you become comfortable with tonal transitions. Expand your drawing skills further by using hatching to make objects seem to pop off the page. Then, bring greater dimension to your work as you learn to locate objects in the foreground, middle ground and background of your drawing. Plus, Charles will help you apply each of these techniques to draw a realistic scene that's sure to be the first of many.


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h18m

Included in this Class

1. Simple Geometric Structures

1. Simple Geometric Structures

Meet fine artist Charles Valsechi as he introduces the essential techniques you'll learn to create realistic, three-dimensional forms. Starting with the basics, Charles shows you what supplies you'll need. Then, learn how to visualize and sketch everyday objects using basic geometric forms as a guide.

2. Complex Structures

2. Complex Structures

Practice drawing more complex objects using the techniques from Lesson 1. Charles guides you through the process, demonstrating effective methods for rendering a vase and a fabric still life. In the process, you'll see how to block in larger geometric forms before adding in smaller details.

3. Understanding Light & Tone

3. Understanding Light & Tone

Elevate your skill set by exploring different types of light and shadow and how they visually define the objects you're drawing. Sketch along with Charles as he demonstrates his technique for drawing a sphere and cup by establishing tones and transitions from dark to light.