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with Kathleen McKeehen
Online Class

Drawing Essentials: Inspired By Nature

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Capture the textures, form and details of organic objects with confidence! Find out how to draw plants with lessons from botanical artist Kathleen McKeehen. Start by applying simple measurement and transfer methods to draw a deeply detailed leaf. Next, illustrate a mushroom while you discover how to depict round objects with accurate perspective and form. Learn to mimic the play of light on a round form as you draw an onion. Then, build valuable shading skills as you sketch a smooth, shiny bell pepper. Layer realistic surface textures while using crosshatching, stippling and continuous tone shading to recreate a beet's rough skin. Plus, render a rose petal with delicate form and shading so drawing a finely detailed flower isn't daunting.


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h51m

Included in this Class

1. Getting Started With Line Drawing

1. Getting Started With Line Drawing

Meet scientific illustrator Kathleen McKeehen, and start learning the essential skills needed to accurately capture the natural world around you. With Kathleen's guidance, discover how to truly observe your subject as you refine a series of contour drawings. You'll be amazed by the realistic results!

2. Line Drawings of Complex Shapes

2. Line Drawings of Complex Shapes

Develop more control over your line work as you draw an intricate leaf from sketch to final drawing. Using Kathleen's simple measuring technique, learn to create accurate and detailed preliminary sketches. In the process, you'll train your eye to see subtleties in the patterns of the veins and in the shape of the leaves.

3. Line Drawings of Round Shapes

3. Line Drawings of Round Shapes

Practice capturing the round shape of a mushroom using quick gesture drawings. You'll gain expert tips on fine-tuning these preliminary drawings before transferring the final sketch. Plus, learn how to use different line weights to create an authentic sense of perspective.