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with Catherine V. Holmes
Online Class

Drawing Dimension: Shading Techniques

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Get step-by-step lessons for drawing dimension, and make your work pop off the page! Artist and instructor Catherine V. Holmes will start by teaching you how to create a value scale and use it on a five-tone drawing. Move on to setting yourself up for more realistic results with tips for line drawing and contour shading. Next, discover how to identify your light source and give your work definition with both dark and light tones. Enhance the realism of your drawings as you learn to blend tones cleanly, depict highlights confidently and recreate reflections beautifully. Transition to working in pen, and apply stippling, hatching and crosshatching techniques to create drawings with depth and dimension. Plus, find out how to use contrast, a focal point and backgrounds to bring dynamic depth to every piece you draw.


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 1h41m

Included in this Class

1. Value Scale & Pencil Pressure

1. Value Scale & Pencil Pressure

Artist and instructor Catherine V. Holmes starts with pencil basics as she opens her class on adding dimension to your drawing with shading techniques. Create a value scale with your pencils and then create a five-tone drawing, using the scale you created.

2. Line & Cross Contour

2. Line & Cross Contour

Learn about line art and cross-contour definition, which is the best way to begin drawing a likeness of something. Once you have your lines drawn, start shading your contour lines, but remember: observation is key! Continue to reference your photo as you shade.

3. Light Source & Shadow

3. Light Source & Shadow

Catherine teaches you where to begin on your drawings, starting with the shape and contours and then identifying the light source. Give your object realistic depth and definition by using dark and light tones that play off each other and learn to highlight the lightest areas with your eraser.