Crochet Techniques

Do the Twist: The Left Twist Stitch

By Ashley Little
Left Twist Knit StitchI think cables are gorgeous, but I don’t always have a cable needle hanging around. That’s where the left twist knit stitch comes in handy. If you can knit, purl, and knit through the back loop, this stitch will be super easy for you. Read more »
Garter Stitch

Getting Down with Garter Stitch

By Ashley Little

Garter stitch is one of the most versatile knitting stitches. It's the foundation for everything you'll make in your knitting career. Here are some garter stitch patterns for all knitting levels.

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How to Knit in the Round with Double-Pointed Needles

By Ashley Little
Knitting with Double-Pointed NeedlesKnitting with double-pointed needles, or DPNs, can be tricky. But like any other knitting project, the hardest part is just getting started. Here are some tips and tricks for how to hang on to those stitches and successfully knit in the round. Read more »

Don’t Be Fooled by Entrelac

By Ashley Little
Entrelac ScarfHave you ever seen the beautiful diamond-patterned knitting that looks like it's knitted from dozens of strips that are woven together? If so, you've admired entrelac knitting. Don't be fooled by its woven appearance. Entrelac knitting is actually worked in one piece -- no seaming required. Read more »

Knitting Fundamentals: Get Started or Brush Up

By Ashley Little
For a beginner, knitting can be daunting and scary. There’s more than one way to cast on, there are hundreds of weird tools (I’m looking at you, cable needle!), and staring at how-to instructions for hours can give you a headache. But you don’t have to master intarsia on your first day of knitting. Take it slow, and learn the fundamentals to get started with minimal stress. Whether you’re brand new to knitting or just need a little refresher, having these skills in your back pocket will help you tackle nearly any basic knitting pattern. Read more »

Learn Loop Cast-On Knitting

By Sarah Johnson
Loop Cast-On KnittingLearn how to cast-on or add stitches in the middle of a row by making a loop out of your yarn. By holding only one needle, you can create new stitches by creating a loop in your working yarn and placing it on the needle. Unlike a yarn-over, a loop cast-on stitch will have an edge and function like a regular knitted stitch. Read more »