Shifos Owl Cocoon

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mmmailhio9472239 made Shifos Owl Cocoon with:

  • US E-4/3.50mm

Q&A with mmmailhio9472239

terrih573629839 asked:
I purchased this pattern to make for my niece's baby dolls but was extremely disappointed it arrived completely in Spanish. I do not read any Spanish. Can you send me the English/US version? I have already paid for the pattern - just need it in English. :-)
mmmailhio9472239 answered:
I would recommend contacting the original owner of the pattern since she would also have the history of your payment. I also have archived it somewhere on my external hard drive and would have to find it...this grandbaby will be a year old next month and I haven't made it since I made hers.
bcollies216655823 asked:
can I send you a check for the pattern 245 by Shi Fios Owl cocoon $3.60 for the pattern and what address. I do not have a credit card. I can be reached at Yvonne Olson 529 Bader Villa Estates West, New Lisbon, WI 53950
mmmailhio9472239 answered:
I do not own the pattern, so it's not mine to sell. You need to contact the author of the pattern please.