Rebel Lace Cardi

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cherylsterling made Rebel Lace Cardi with:

Beyond Basic Broomstick Lace

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Beyond Basic Broomstick Lace

with Jennifer Hansen

  • lucci cotton tape

Q&A with cherylsterling

mooberly asked:
oooo, pretty. love the yarn!
cherylsterling answered:
I know right? They only have two colors left. I've used it in two other stitch diva projects and the rayon in it gives it a wonderful drape. I bought it on It was only $22 for a bag of 10 skeins. Not bad.
Jennifer Hansen asked:
Love your photo and your yarn color!
cherylsterling answered:
Why thank you Miss Hansen. I'm just about finished with the bodice, I'm looking forward to putting a dent in the collar this weekend. Great design.
mooberly asked:
You have inspired me to sit down and FINISH mine!! Just beautiful!
cherylsterling answered:
Just do it! It is so worth it.
SweetJasmine asked:
This is one of the most beautiful crocheted piece of clothing I've seen. It looks so lacy. How long did it take you to finish it?
cherylsterling answered:
I did this in my spare time over the course of a month taking time off around the holidays. If I had it to do again with no distractions and a bottle or two of wine it would probably take me under a week.
Bevmulkins asked:
Just gorgeous! I'm making mine in the same Lucci red and have one last row to finish on the bottom. Your long sleeves look beautiful so now I am debating on whether to have long or short sleeves! Congratulations on a beautiful garment!
cherylsterling answered:
Thank you so much. I used almost every inch of my yarn. It was a big hit at work and I work with a bunch of dudes.

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