Crocodile Stitch Rainbow Booties

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5Packs Crochet made Crocodile Stitch Rainbow Booties with:

Crocodile Stitch Booties (Baby)

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Crocodile Stitch Booties (Baby)

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Q&A with 5Packs Crochet

Lesley Wood asked:
They are so cute I love the colours
5Packs Crochet answered:
Thank you!!
tmpederso430642 asked:
I LOVE these...what yarn did you use?
5Packs Crochet answered:
I used Knit Picks Chroma fingerling in Prism, just like the pattern. It worked beautifully for these!
mariam_ja1008864 asked:
love crocher,,i do some for baby ,i like to show u !!!!!
5Packs Crochet answered:
Wonderful! I'd love to see the ones you've made!
dbclark201013350 asked:
what beautiful work, What color chroma knit picks did you use in the picture where your holding the three booties in your hand, I'm looking at the middle one's?
5Packs Crochet answered:
I made that pair from the Prism colorway.
genysm asked:
I bought this pattern I need spanish translation. Can you help me? thanks
5Packs Crochet answered:
Try contacting the pattern designer at

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