Created by: Lindsey  Stephens

Chain Stitch Seam

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Lindsey Stephens made Chain Stitch Seam with:

Seaming Crochet

Online Class

Seaming Crochet

with Lindsey Stephens

Q&A with Lindsey Stephens

Helen Fishman asked:
Great job
Lindsey Stephens answered:
MJMT10559192 asked:
Can you teach left handed people? Thanks, Jessica
Lindsey Stephens answered:
Hi, Jessica. When I teach classes in person, I've taught left handed people. Unfortunately, for this class, there wasn't enough time to run through each technique both ways. If you're left handed the techniques are essentially the same: for crocheted seams, work them mirror image to what I'm doing; for sewn seams you can work them as I do or the opposite direction - you'll get the same results either way.