Amli & Otto

Cat Bed

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Amli & Otto made Cat Bed with:

Crochet: Basics & Beyond

Online Class

Crochet: Basics & Beyond

with Kim Werker

  • T-Yarn Hoooked Zpagetti
  • US N-15/10.00mm

Q&A with Amli & Otto

LindaBway4644898 asked:
I love your cat bed. Your cat looks so comfortable. I have never seen anything like this. Thank you for the info. Your cat looks like one I used to have. We have a new one now and I know she would love this bed!
Amli & Otto answered:
Thank your for your comment!
Hyun asked:
I love your cat bed. And your cat too!
Amli & Otto answered:
Thank you Hyun
HillaryC asked:
Modern and stylish, i love it!
Amli & Otto answered:
Thank you
Kathleen Gee asked:
Hi America Lira, I love this crocheted cat bed. I too would love to have the pattern. I have four cats and Angel Snowflake is now expecting for the second time! I kept two kittens from her first litter and gave the other three to my friend, who also is a long-time cat-lover. She already had two cats, so she now hasfive altogether, and I have four, as I already had Millie, who will be sixteen in July 2016. We took in Angel from our patio inLondon as she kept appearing and she was always starving. She decided to adopt us (!) by coming in one night and remaining under the kitchen table. She cannot meow. She purrs a lot though! She was timid, but now she is a confident Mummy, who got to keep two of her kittens! The little girl, Siobhan, (Shu-vaun), still suckles on her! The kittens are eight months old now. The four of them are all on me now in my armchair, two on the arms and two on my lap. I wasn't able to become a Mummy myself, in the end, but instead I became a Cat Mummy! Kathy G.
Amli & Otto answered:
Hello Kathleen Cat Mummy, Im glad to hear that you are a cat lover. You can check the pattern in my blog. At the end of this post, you can find the english directions. Enjoy it