Broomstick lace scarf

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wendybea made Broomstick lace scarf with:

Beyond Basic Broomstick Lace

Online Class

Beyond Basic Broomstick Lace

with Jennifer Hansen

  • Angora yarn
  • US J-10/6.00mm/UK 4

Q&A with wendybea

avonperso2676619 asked:
love this
wendybea answered:
the instructions were in Jennifer Hanson's beyond broomstick lace class, this was just the reversible pattern that she showed us, it was very easy to do and the scarf grew really quickly. I am glad you like it
marilolis1320300 asked:
Where can I get the instructions to the broomstick lace scarf?
wendybea answered:
Jennifer Hanson shows how to do the reversible pattern in her class, I just kept going with the pattern until it was long enough to be a scarf
Sucredesignercakes asked:
Wow wow wow! Did you block it to get it to lay so smoothly?
wendybea answered:
it did not need blocking, the yarn was wonderful to work with and as I worked it this is how it looked.
LadyAudrey asked:
Your scarf turned out fabulous! I am finishing up the eyeglass case now so maybe I will make a scarf next. Was angora difficult to work with this pattern?
wendybea answered:
thank you, angora was really easy to work with, it didn't split like some yarns do and it was wonderfully soft to work with, a real treat. Good luck with your own scarf, this class is fabulous isn't it?
The Ninna asked:
This is amazing, Wendy! Your technique and tension are impeccable. What a lovely job you did! I hope you have decided to wear this yourself!! (Although it would make an exquisite gift for someone else.) May I ask - how long did it take you to create this lovely item?
wendybea answered:
thank you for your lovely comments, the scarf was a gift but i hear it is worn regularly so that makes me happy. It only took a few hours one evening, such a simple and rewarding project, I may need to do it again soon with a different yarn