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with Lindsey Stephens
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Seaming Crochet

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Build the skills for savvy seaming to give every project a clean, beautiful finish! Join instructor and designer Lindsey Stephens, and learn the techniques you need to achieve great results with basic pieces, colorwork, lace, specialty stitch patterns and more. Along the way, you'll see how to join crochet stitches head to head, side to side, and everything in between — even in pieces with different stitch heights. Lindsey will begin by demonstrating how flexibility, visibility and selvage can help you make the right seam choice. Then, you'll enjoy a must-have breakdown of traditional sewn seams. As you round things out, you'll also expand your toolkit with go-to styles for sturdy seams, seams that mimic your stitch pattern and seams that add a decorative touch to your projects.


  • intermediate
  • 8 episodes
  • 2h12m

Included in this Class

1. Why Thoughtful Crochet Seams Matter

1. Why Thoughtful Crochet Seams Matter

Meet your instructor Lindsey Stephens as she teaches you about the importance of seaming and the techniques you need to know to finish your gorgeous crochet creations. You'll also learn how to choose the best seam for your project based on the visibility, flexibility and selvage.

2. Plan & Prepare Before Seaming

2. Plan & Prepare Before Seaming

Lindsey teaches you how to plan and prepare your project for the best type of seam. Learn the tools and materials you need to prep for seaming as Lindsey provides tips to seam a garment so the fit doesn't change. Then, learn to pin a crocheted sleeve cap perfectly!

3. Exploring Traditional Sewn Seams

3. Exploring Traditional Sewn Seams

Expand your knowledge of traditional sewn seams with Lindsey's professional tips and tricks. First you'll learn how to work with the ever-popular invisible mattress stitch on both the finished and unfinished edges. Then learn Lindsey's technique for the fast and efficient whipstitch.