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Save Our Stitches: Fixing Crochet Mistakes

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Never let another mishap hold you back! Learn how to avoid, find and fix mistakes, so you can finish every crochet project with confidence.

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Class Overview

Mistakes happen to every crocheter — but every crocheter can fix those mistakes! Join instructor and designer Andi Smith for crochet help and learn how to make any mistake disappear, one simple step at a time. During class, you'll learn how to avoid mistakes, which mistakes are worth fixing and how to fix those that are. Andi will begin by teaching you how to decrease mistakes through proper planning. Then, follow along as she guides you through patterns and charts so you can easily make sense of the abbreviations and symbols. When you're comfortable with charts, you'll improve your understanding of gauge to minimize mistakes, conquer easy methods for avoiding common snafus and find out how to plan your fixes. Plus, you'll see how to re-crochet holes and crochet patches for those fixes that are just too big.

Lesson Breakdown

1. Preparation
Want to save your crochet stitches? Meet expert Andi Smith, who is going to show you how to make quick fixes and full repairs as well as how to avoid common mistakes. First, learn how Andi organizes her work space and tools and uses a worksheet to keep track of projects. Good preparation is key!
2. Navigating Charts & Patterns
3. The Critical Nature of Gauge
4. Avoiding Common Mistakes
5. Ripping Back & Pattern Adjustment
6. Repairing: Cut It Out!
7. Patching Finished Work

Taught by

Andi Smith
Andi Smith
For Andi Smith, the joy of knitting has always been in the process as much as is in the result. Andi learned to knit in Yorkshire, England, in the early '70s, when yarn choices were all acrylic and knitting the obligatory navy blue school sweater was the pre-eminent project. Nevertheless, the process of creating made her fall in love. Now, she's an author, designer, teacher and tech editor who's smiling as long as she's stitching. Andi teaches both crochet and knitting across the United States at yarn shops and national events such as Stitches. After crocheting and knitting for more than forty years, she's still as eager as ever to learn something new.

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