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with Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby
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Quick & Easy Crochet Cables

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Are you ready for a new twist in your crochet? Join designer Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby in this exciting mini-class, and work your way step by step through a spectrum of stunning cables, from simple, elegant post stitches to weaving wonders. Shannon will cover everything you need to know in a focused framework that’s perfect for the busy schedule. Along the way, you’ll get insider tips and tricks for tight stitches, simplifying stitch charts and more. Practice on a fun, foldover clutch during class, and use these approachable tips to spice up the style and texture of all your future crochet projects!


  • intermediate
  • 4 episodes
  • 1h16m

Included in this Class

1. Getting Started With Crochet Cables

1. Getting Started With Crochet Cables

Meet your instructor, designer Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby, and preview the gorgeous stitch patterns -- and eye-catching clutch -- you'll create in class. Learn how to crochet post stitches and make sense out of a complex stitch chart. Then follow along with Shannon as he crochets the first set of cables.

2. Wide Cables

2. Wide Cables

Work on the remaining stitches for the clutch. Discover Shannon's simple "wrap and roll" technique for making tight traveling cables, then see how to create wide cables by crossing two sets of post stitches. Plus, tackle right-crossing cables with Shannon's innovative "snag and drag" technique.

3. Woven Cables

3. Woven Cables

Use the techniques you learned in previous lessons to create a beautiful woven cables pattern. In addition to getting in-depth instruction on how to read the stitch chart, you'll learn Shannon's tips and tricks for mastering this important stitch.