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with Marty Miller
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Mastering Foundation Crochet Stitches

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Master foundation stitches and eliminate the need for a long foundation chain at the beginning of any crochet project. Join fiber artist and instructor Marty Miller as she walks you through the four basic foundation crochet stitches: single, half double, double and treble. Next, find out how to “read” your stitches and add or remove them with ease. Crochet these stitches with hard-to-work-with yarns, and use them to add symmetrical shaping or connect handles and buttonholes. Then, learn another alternative starting stitch, the eyelet, which prevents stretched-out chains and makes it easy to spot where your next stitch should be. Moving on, add increases, decreases and skipped chains to your foundation stitch arsenal as you learn to work ripple, filet and mesh stitch patterns. Marty also will share tips for translating any stitch pattern to foundation stitches — even Tunisian and colorwork!


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h55m

Included in this Class

1. Extended vs. Foundation

1. Extended vs. Foundation

Meet your instructor, Marty Miller, and dive right into extended stitches, the basis of foundation stitches. Discover the proper technique for making extended stitches in single, double, half double and triple crochet, and see how this stitch can help you not only with foundation stitches but throughout your crochet projects. Then, master your first foundation stitch as Marty walks you through the foundation double crochet and shares her invaluable "stitch and pinch" method.

2. Basic Foundation Stitches

2. Basic Foundation Stitches

Say goodbye to too-tight edges as you round out your understanding of the basic foundation stitches, adding single, half double and triple crochet foundation stitches to your repertoire. You'll love being able to create fabric that is the same width on top as on the bottom. See how easy it is to substitute foundation stitches into your favorite pattern!

3. Using Foundation Stitches

3. Using Foundation Stitches

Now that you feel confident creating foundation stitches, see how they can be used to work with yarns that are tricky to stitch, including ribbon and bouclé. Discover how this stitch makes adding stitches at the end of a row a nearly seamless experience, great for skipped stitches and bottom-up sweaters! Finally, crochet along with Marty as you make the first pattern included with this class, a handled crochet bucket, and discover how using foundation stitches at the top will allow you to create connected handles right where you want them!