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with Edie Eckman
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Join as You Go: Seamless Crochet Techniques

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Why spend the time seaming motifs together after you've already crocheted them all? Join designer Edie Eckman and skip the seaming using a variety of Join as You Go crochet methods (also known as JAYgo) that let you connect shapes while you work your project. During class, you'll learn how to create five simple shapes: squares, hexagons, triangles, circles and octagons. Along the way, you'll discover how to bring those shapes together using three different types of joining techniques. By the time class is over, you'll know how to plan your own JAYgo projects and carry these time-saving techniques into other crochet!


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h7m

Included in this Class

1. Introducing Join as You Go

1. Introducing Join as You Go

Join expert Edie Eckman and find out what Join as You Go, or JAYgo, is all about. Edie goes over some of the projects this method is best used for and the two main things to consider as you crochet: the point(s) at which the piece will be connected and the actual method used when making the connection.

2. Creating Square Motifs

2. Creating Square Motifs

The Join as You Go method works wonderfully for motifs with straight sides that you'd prefer not to seam together. Edie leads you through the basic square motif to kick things off. Then, find out how to work a square motif in the round, creating straight sides as you go.

3. Joining Squares

3. Joining Squares

Work a small project as Edie demonstrates how to join several square motifs together. Along the way, learn tips for weaving in ends in JAYgo as well as planning and assembling the desired layout for your squares.