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with Beth Graham
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Fun & Fantastic Textured Crochet Stitches

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You've mastered the basic stitches; now it's time to add exciting new crochet stitch patterns and intriguing textures to your projects! Join instructor and designer Beth Graham and learn how to create stitch multiples, clustered stitch patterns, post stitch patterns and a number of eye-catching variations. Beth will begin class by demonstrating some of the incredible patterns you can create with stitch multiples: sideways ribbing, cobbles, crunch stitch and more. Then, you'll move on to a palette of puff stitches, bobbles and popcorn stitches. Wondering how to create bold textures? Beth will lay out all the steps for popular post-stitch styles such as rib and ripple. Plus, finish class with two must-have stitch patterns you're sure to fall for!


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h6m

Included in this Class

1. Getting Ready to Add Texture

1. Getting Ready to Add Texture

Are you ready to add beautiful and fun-to-work stitch patterns to your crochet projects? Instructor and designer Beth Graham has plenty of ideas! Find project inspiration , such as the Playful Textures Scarf pattern included in your class materials, then learn more about stitch multiples.

2. Better Than Basic: Effortless Texture

2. Better Than Basic: Effortless Texture

Effortless patterns such as sideways ribbing, aligned cobbles and crunch stitch are great ways to add interest to your projects Beth shows how to create these stitch patterns and even shares her recipe for creating custom dishcloths by mixing and matching stitches!

3. Fluff & Stuff: Puff Stitches

3. Fluff & Stuff: Puff Stitches

Puff stitches are a popular type of clustered stitch. In this lesson, you'll learn four fun varieties: starting with the basic puff stitch and working up to the hot cross puff. Soon you'll be able to add the right "fluff and stuff" to your crochet projects!