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Freeform Crochet

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Internationally renowned instructor Myra Wood has devoted years to testing new techniques for accessible freeform crochet, and she’s ready to share them with you! Discover practical steps and clear processes for creating, connecting and embellishing crocheted shapes to make a one-of-a-kind scrumbled bag. Get started with freeform motifs and shapes. Then, master textured and special stitches, like the popcorn, berry and even the impressive bullion stitch. Get ready to scrumble by joining shapes, filling in ditches, building your fabric and more. Plus, learn flawless finishing techniques to complete your charming handbag, and rejoice as Myra shares troubleshooting techniques for common freeform fails!


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h54m

Included in this Class

1. Getting Started with Freeform

1. Getting Started with Freeform

Meet your instructor, Myra Wood, as she introduces you to the world of freeform crochet. Learn to let go of structure and patterns as you explore this artistic and improvisational technique. Learn Myra's tips and tricks for creating flat fabric, one of the keys to successful freeform crochet. Then, crochet your first freeform rounds as Myra demonstrates the magic circle (or magic ring) for beginning your crochet in the round.

2. Basic Freeform Techniques

2. Basic Freeform Techniques

Expand on your rounds from Lesson 1 as Myra demonstrates how to build out your fabric and create one- and two-color spirals. Learn to change colors as you stitch around your piece. Then, master spirals with both a single yarn and a two-strand variation where you can alternate between colors as you go.

3. Textured Stitches

3. Textured Stitches

Embrace texture as you master your first four textured stitches: fan, popcorn, berry and box stitch, all of which can be worked in areas small or large to create incredible, dimensional fabric. Then, Myra shows you how to add even more embellishment and interest to your motifs -- or scrumbles -- as she demonstrates several ways to overlay stitches on top of your fabric.