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with Brenda K.B. Anderson
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Crochet Mittens & Fingerless Gloves

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Are you looking to get hands-on with mitten making? Join designer Brenda Anderson to build on your skills and crochet classic mitten designs! With each design you’ll learn how easy it is to make stunning mittens as you work through techniques for colorwork, cables and more. Crochet an easy side-to-side fingerless glove that you can top off with a chevron design made of post stitches. Then try your hand at a colorwork mitten as you learn Brenda's secret stitch for creating clean motifs that won't drift. Finally, crochet a top-down mitten with a textured, braided cable for eye-catching allure. Brenda puts it all together with variations and personalizations that pair perfectly, no matter who it is you’re crocheting for. Join today to crochet projects you’ll be smitten with and get skills for amazing mittens and beyond!


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h55m

Included in this Class

1. Chevron Fingerless Gloves: Shaping

1. Chevron Fingerless Gloves: Shaping

Meet your instructor, crochet designer Brenda K.B. Anderson, as she details the three amazing projects you'll make in this class. Discover why yarn choice is particularly important if you are giving these mittens and fingerless gloves as gifts, and get started on the first project: a chevron cabled fingerless glove. Crochet your foundation row and then learn how, and why, to work into the bottom loop as you create your first row of fabric. Change up stitch sizes to add a bit of gentle shaping as you start your glove.

2. Chevron Fingerless Gloves: Cables

2. Chevron Fingerless Gloves: Cables

Use post stitches to create a cabled chevron design as you crochet the rest of your glove. Get a refresher on how to form post stitches, then watch your chevron pattern grow row by row on your glove, and learn how diagrams can help you see how your stitches build on each other. Learn how to add a quick thumb opening and finish up your project with a tidy seam and professional edgings.

3. Igloo Colorwork Mittens:  Cuff & Colorwork

3. Igloo Colorwork Mittens: Cuff & Colorwork

Move from fingerless gloves to mittens as you create Brenda's charming Igloo colorwork mitten. Learn Brenda's secret for checking gauge as you go, and discover which stitch is the best for mittens worked in the round. Explore the techniques you'll need to recreate patterns with crisp color changes and rounds that lines up -- no shifting "jog"! Work the cuff of this mitten and start your first row of colorwork.