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9 Crazy-Cute Amigurumi Patterns

Think of a super-cute character — Hello Kitty is a good example. That adorable, cartoony style is called “kawaii,” which is a Japanese word that references anything especially adorable. The Kawaii trend has made its way to crochet, too, especially in amigurumi!

These 10 Kawaii crochet patterns will have you hurrying to your hooks!

kawaii cloud amigurumi free pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Gateando Crochet

1. Kawaii Cloud Amigurumi

This free Kawaii crochet pattern is a great introduction to the art of this craft. You use simple stitches to create the could shape and add the quintessential facial details with simple embroidery. This small crochet pattern works great as a keychain charm!

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sleepy chipmunk amigurumi pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Adroably Kawaii

2. Sleepy Chipmunk Amigurumi

Designer Adorably Kawaii’s pattern store is, naturally, one of the best places for Kawaii crochet patterns. Her sleepy chipmunk pattern has the cute face and unique proportions of a Kawaii creature. The pattern comes with tutorial instructions for many amigurumi basics, including the magic ring and color changes. This designer also has pattern for a red panda, koala and baby wolf.

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kawaii kitty cone crochet pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Sugar Pop Crochet

3. Kawaii Kitty Cone

This bag charm combines a kitty face with an ice cream cone — how adorable is that?! You can’t help but smile at the cuteness. The face has a bit of a blush to it, which is perfect since the term “kawaii” original came from a term that references the glowing or blushing face.

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amigurumi trullo kawaii crochet pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Giodina’s Pattern Store

4. Amigurumi Trullo Kawaii

The designer explains that this unique patten is actually inspired by the “the typical house of Apulia, a region of Southern Italy,” which is made in a style called trullo. You can get inspiration anywhere and adapt it with Kawaii features for a precious design!

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kawaii tree plant crochet pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Elin Makes

5. Kawaii Tree Plant

Although facial features are a major detail in Kawaii crochet, you can still capture the style with minimal features, as we see on this tree that has only eyes. What’s the secret? Proportion. The right proportion of the eyes in the head, combined with the arms of the tree, give this potted faux plant the Kawaii style.

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kawaii veggies crochet pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Nerdy Knitter Designs

6. Kawaii Veggies

The Kawaii style is perfect for making toys and play sets for children. Use these precious Kawaii veggies to engage young children in play while teaching them about different types of foods. In addition to the set of veggie crochet patterns, this designer also sells two sets of Kawaii fruit crochet patterns.

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kawaii milk carton crochet pattern

Photo via Bluprint member AmyMamy Creations

7. Kawaii Milk Carton

Food of all kinds is always a popular subject for Kawaii designs. This little milk carton is just so much cuter with a blushing face on it, right? Plus you get a sweet Kawaii cookie treat to go with it.

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kawaii amigurumi ladybug

Photo via Bluprint member Petit Bout de Chou

8. Kawaii Amigurumi Ladybug

Bright colors and big eyes make this ladybug so delightful. The designer suggests using this free Kawaii crochet pattern to make several ladybugs and turn them into a spring mobile for baby. They could also be used as keychains or purse charms.

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rainbow dog amigurumi pattern

Photo via Bluprint member JBcrochetwizard

9. Rainbow Dog Amigurumi

Crochet designer JBcrochetwizard has a number of amigurumi patterns specifically made in Kawaii style. Although this design isn’t labeled Kawaii, it definitely has many of the cute features: Floppy rainbow ears, huge eyes and a whimsical unicorn horn make for a dog like no other.

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