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8 Lovely, Lacy Irish Crochet Patterns

Want to try a new style of crochet? Irish crochet is a form of vintage crochet lace with patterns dating back to the earliest days of the craft. It’s said that crochet helped Irish women to earn money during the potato famine, as they made and sold beautiful, delicate lace doilies to the English.

Today you will find Irish crochet patterns inspired by those original old designs, but you will also find some great modern takes that modify the classic thread crochet pieces with innovative ideas.

Ready to give it a try? Use these Irish crochet patterns (some are free!) and classes to explore the technique.

cherry blossom branch lace crochet pattern

Photo via Bluprint member EasyPatterns

1. White Irish Crochet Leaf Pattern

There are two parts to this crochet pattern. The first is the leaf alone, which is a free crochet pattern. This leaf motif is a lovely pattern for anyone who wants to start getting the hang of Irish crochet lace.

The larger pattern, which is the full cherry blossom branch (including the leaves as shown in the photo) is a pattern for sale by the same designer. Once you have completed the free leaf (make several of them for good practice), you may feel inspired enough to tackle the larger pattern. Enjoy!

Get the FREE leaf pattern »

Get the cherry blossom pattern »

crochet hat free pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Luba Davies

2. Golden Autumn Crocheted Hat

This free crochet hat pattern isn’t entirely Irish crochet; however, the beautiful maple leaves are made using an Irish crochet technique. These leaves can be used as decoration on a variety of different types of projects (not just the hat), and offer a great opportunity to practice the craft. Change up the colors to make the design suitable all year long.

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irish crochet sugar skull free pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Spider Mambo Designs

3. Blanca Sugar Skull Appliqué

The sugar skull is a classic Day of the Dead symbol, which you might not necessarily associate with the Irish. But this genius design uses Irish crochet roses as the eyes of the beautiful skull design. It works perfectly with the Day of the Dead style and provides an innovative option for practicing Irish lace making. Work it in white thread for a classic, vintage crochet lace; work it in colorful yarn instead for a fun modern design.

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irish rose crochet square free pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Underground Crafter

4. Mayapple Flower Square

The rose is a classic Irish crochet design — you’ll find it featured throughout many different types of patterns for Irish lace. In this example, designer Marie Segares turned the rose into the center of an afghan square. White yarn gives the feel of vintage lace, but of course you could change up the color scheme for a different style.

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irish rose crochet scarf pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Designed by Sonya

5. Irish Rose Crochet Scarf Pattern

Here is a similar crochet pattern: It uses the Irish crochet rose in the center of a square. In this example, the square has been repeated multiple times to create the length and design of a crochet scarf. Combined with the great lavender yarn color, this serves as a terrific example of how a traditional crochet design can be brought up to date for wear today.

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irish rose crochet doily pattern

Photo via Bluprint member CrochetCrazy

6. Irish Rose Doily

This crochet pattern also uses the Irish rose as the center, but this time, the rose is at the center of a thread crochet doily, harkening back to the early days of the craft. The green color brings it into the modern day — and makes it a particularly great crochet pattern for springtime.

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irish crochet coin purse

Photo via Bluprint member CrochetnBeads

7. Rings and Roses Irish Crochet Purse

Looking for crochet patterns that capture the full essence of vintage Irish lace? You’ll enjoy this lovely lace purse pattern. It incorporates small versions of both the roses and the leaves that we’ve seen are a theme in this niche of crochet. Plus, it has a classic, doily-style circular design.

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irish crochet socks

Photo via Bluprint member Aimarro Patterns

8. Lace Socks

This stunning, modern pattern is the exact opposite of the last — a completely contemporary, sexy design. And yet, they are both lace designs; both feminine and both fabulous patterns. This one provides you the opportunity to practice the Irish Clones Knot stitch.

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Take your Irish crochet further!

modern irish freeform crochet

Find yourself enjoying these free Irish crochet patterns? Myra Wood’s class Modern Irish Freeform Crochet will show you how to take the basics of Irish crochet and combine them with the inspirational ideas in freeform crochet for a completely innovative technique.

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