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How to Crochet in the Round

Unless you’re just going to crochet scarves for the rest of your life, you need to know about crocheting in the round. Hats, slippers, mittens, granny squares — all these require crochet in the round.

Stained glass rippled blanket, on Craftsy
Photo via Craftsy member SmoothFox

There are a lot of different ways you can start off your crochet in the round. Of course, if you’re using a pattern, it will tell you exactly what to do. But what if you’re improvising? You never know when the urge to crochet a hat might kick in.

Be ready with these 4 tips for crocheting in the round.

Join a ring with a slip stitch

1. Crochet a ring.

A lot of crochet patterns will ask you to chain a few stitches, then join them into a ring to get the circle going. Here, I’ve chained 10 and joined the first and last stitch with a slip stitch. If you were going to crochet say, a hat, you’d probably want to chain more stitches depending on how big you need the hat brim to be. Of course, if you’re using a pattern, it will tell you how many stitches you need to chain at the beginning.

2. Join your first round with a slip stitch.

If you want your rounds to be perfectly even, you’ll need to join the beginning and end of each round with a slip stitch. Here’s how: Crochet around your ring as usual. After you crochet your last stitch, slide your hook into the side of the first stitch in that round and slip stitch. This will connect the round, making it look seamless without adding an extra stitch.

crocheting in a continuous spiral

3. Work in a continuous spiral.

It’s not completely necessary to join each round with a slip stitch. The other option is to just crochet around and around, creating a spiral shape. This makes it a little more difficult to count rounds, though, so a stitch marker is helpful if you go with this method.

crochet a magic ring
Photo via Craftsy blogger Andrea Sanchez

4. Use a magic ring.

The magic ring’s name is totally accurate. After all, it is pretty magical. Get the how-to from Andrea to crochet your own magic ring. This method can be used in place of crocheting a ring made of chain stitches.

General tips for crocheting in the round

  • Notice that if you want to crochet something flat, like a granny square for example, you’ll need to work increases on every row to make sure the piece stays flat. If you don’t, it will turn into a narrow little tube.
  • You also want to make sure your increases are even on each row, otherwise, you could turn out with a pretty funky-looking shape.
  • Just like with crocheting in a spiral, stitch markers can be helpful for any in-the-round crochet. Attach them to your work so that you can keep up with where you left off — especially if you are one of those crocheters who works on projects sporadically!

There are a lot of other fun things you can create with crochet in the round. If you want to make an awesome amigurumi monster, for instance, you’ll need to know how to crochet in the round. Check out Stacey Trock’s Amigurumi: Design Your Own Monster class and you’ll have your own unique monster in no time.

Be sure to come back to the Craftsy blog tomorrow. It’s our favorite day of the week: Free Pattern Friday!

What projects do you make that require crochet in the round?

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Lorraine Hayden

I have been crocheting since I was 11 years old …am now 80. I crouched strictly by pattern …rarely improvise. Love crocheting. Have made hundreds of afghans (have ten great grandchildren) and many, many baby blankets and booties, etc. Sure has kept me

busy over the years. Know it will keep me going, hopefully, for few more.


I’ve only been crocheting for about a year, I am 61. I can only hope to be doing this for a couple more decades. The only thing I wish is to improve how I crochet. I can’t comprehend a lot of what I read or watch, so I do a lot of frogging and throwing across the room. But I don’t give up. It has become an obsession.


How do you join the rows for knit in the round on a COWL

Janice Smith

Thank goodness for the Internet. I am learning so much from all the great crafters out there !


I have been crocheting since 9 or 10 and now have an online business doing geometrical pillows and doilies and hot pads for cast iron skillets!

Cathy Baker

I understand how to crochet in continuous rounds but how do you change colors without having uneven rows. I have tried several ways but none have worked. I would appreciate your help. Thank you very much.


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