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How to Crochet Beautiful Broomstick Lace

The first time I saw broomstick lace, I had no idea that I could achieve it with a crochet hook. It looks like a magical stitch that can only come from some funky loom. Nope! All it takes is yarn, a crochet hook and a dowel.


Grab a dowel — or knitting needle, or broomstick…

Broomstick crochet gets its name from 19th century crocheters who used a broom handle to crochet the lace. Using a broom handle isn’t necessary, though. I used a size 35 knitting needle. You could also use a dowel, a Q-sized crochet hook, or any other similar round object. Experiment with different sizes. Remember that the circumference of whatever you use will determine how large your lace pattern is. (You’ll see why in a minute!)

Conquer four timeless lace styles step by step!

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How to crochet the broomstick lace

For this sample, I chain stitched 21 so that I would have 5 loops in each set, but you can play around and see what the lace looks like with different numbers of loops. (The extra chain is for the turning chain.)

Step 1:

Ch 21. Sc in 2nd ch from hook and each chain across. This will be your foundation for crocheting the lace. You should have 20 sc.

end of row

Step 2:

When you reach the end of the first row, pull up on the loop and slide it onto your dowel. If you’re using a dowel that’s tapered at the end like my knitting needle, be sure to push the loop all the way back to the fullest part of the dowel.

pull loop

Step 3:

Pull up a loop from each sc in the row and slide it onto the dowel. Here’s how:

Step 4:

Insert your hook into the next sc. Yo, pull up a loop. Slide the loop onto the dowel. Repeat across the row until you have 20 loops on the dowel.

slide off

Step 5:

Slide all the loops off the dowel. What you have will look like this:

off dowel

Step 6:

Insert your hook through the first 5 loops.


Step 7:

Yarn over and pull through all 5 loops. Ch 1 for your turning chain.


See the middle of the 5 loop group? It sort of looks like the eye of a tornado.


Step 8:

Crochet 5 sc into the middle of all 5 loops. (Here, the number of sc depends on the number of loops. So if you clustered the loops in groups of 3, you’d crochet 3 sc.)


Step 9:

You made your first group! Insert your hook through the next 5 loops.


Step 10:

Pull the loop through and sc 5. (Remember that the chain is only done for the first group of loops in the row, as it’s the turning chain.)

Step 11:

Continue across the row until all the loops are grouped.


Step 12:

Notice that the sc you made in each loop formed the base for the next row. Use those sc as a base to begin another lace row, pulling up the loops in each sc and placing them on the dowel just as you did before.


Step 13:

Continue until you’ve reached the desired number of rows.

Once you’re comfortable with the broomstick lace technique, play around with different dowel sizes and numbers of loops. You can also use broomstick lace to create garments and accessories.



Mary Lou

thanks for the pattern. I am excited to start today. ml


Looks like fun and so different. Can’t wait to start.


I love the broomstick lace afghan.

Thank you for printing this.

Aida elshinnawi

I like too much I saw it before on a video but this way is better


Have been meaning to o this or years , you have awaken the urge again thank you,

christina dillon

Broomstick Lace is one thing l have wanted the instructions for, for a long time. The instructions are very clear ans so simple, Cant wait to try it. Thank You

Kristina Boston

This is fantastic & the demo makes it look so easy! I can’t wait to try it! Thank you for posting this.

Alyce Cartl

My neighbor, 81 years old, (now passed), wanted so bad to learn to crochet but I had never tried to teach her. One day she showed me a scarf she was making and I fell in love with the pattern.I ask her what kind of stich she used and she said “broomstick lace.” My mother had spoken of this , so I decided to try it after I finish this afghan for my great grandaughter. EXCITED!!!!!!


thanks for the broom stick lace patt. have done this many yrs. ago. lost patt. when the stiches of lace in afghan & sweater.


Kende dit al en heb er al 2 kindervestjes mee gehaakt.
Er is ook een boekje van. In plaats van vaste kan je het ook met stokjes haken.
Gr. Jeanny

pam hamill

thankyou so much for instructiond i am an avid crotcheter and like to desighn my own patterns i saw this many years ago women at work on the island of gozo but they were too quick at it for me to pick it up looking forward to doing my forst baby blanket all i need now is wool thankyou so much pam hamill

Christine G.

Can’t wait to try this. I always love learning a new stitch–either knitting or crocheting.


Thanks, this was very helpful.

Pamela Westin

This was a great tutorial. Thank you very much.


nice to see broomstick lace coming back ‘in style’. it’s been many, many years since last time i did anything in broomstick lace!!


Can this also be done using a hairpin lace fork?

Ashley at The Feisty Redhead

Hi Leann, you could use a hairpin lace fork, but the broomstick lace would be very small. The broomstick or dowel is what creates that hole in the middle of the lace and since a hairpin fork is so small in circumference, the broomstick lace would be very tight.


Thank you, I think I can do this. Beautiful stitch.

Linda Stradley

OMG!!! SOOO glad I found this! I was taught broomstick lace about 40 years ago as a young bride. It’s been sooo long since I’ve done it, I had forgotten how. Couldn’t even find instruction books on the subject. I am really looking forward to creating with it again!


I’m not sure how to finish my scarf. One end is a straight edge. Where I started from with chain stitches and the other end is wavy looking as that is what the pattern is but how do I finish so both ends and straight? Or wavy

Sonja Birch

Oh my goodness this looks so much fun, I have never made this stitch, will be trying this as soon as I can get a dowel, thank you so much for clear instructions.

Sonja Birch

Oh my goodness this looks so much fun, I have never made this stitch, will be trying this as soon as I can get a dowel, thank you so much for clear instructions.

Sonja Birch

Oh my goodness this looks so much fun, I have never made this stitch, will be trying this as soon as I can get a dowel, thank you so much for clear instructions.




I’m going to try this stich for the first time l will let you know how i do

Janet Rees

Brilliant easy to follow, love this stitch.
Thank you
Janet Rees


I an in the middle of a broomstick lace blanket which is very large! Starting chain was 320 which gives me 64 broomstick shells . First row has 64 last row I did has 64 , my problem is that my edges are slanted like this—/body/ ! Does anyone know why or what I am doing otherwise?

Linda Grobbelaar

Thank you will try it

Lucy Cunningham

I have tried it,gets easier with practice. it grows quickly

Coleen Tepper

excellent instructions!!! The easiest way I’ve seen yet!

Roma Sieukaran-Dass

Thanks for this pattern. I learnt it very fast and practice. Using it to make curtain ties or brackets. Stitching 3 together, making 24 stitches.


where did you find a needle large enough??

Andrea Guy

I tried this stitch years ago before my son was born. Forgot how to do it. Thanks for the tutorial


I do not understand why you are makin g the instructions so hard.
Step 1: I learned that you have one stitch on crochet hook. you wrap yarn around the knitting needle ( have #35) same as in photo) then crochet by pulling yarn though the loop on crochet hook. you now have one loop of yarn on crochet hook. keep repeating this until have as many loops as you want. Just make sure you can divide by 5. Note: all stitches’ must fit on needle or dowel you are using. Step 2: with one loop or stich on hook, Insert hook though 5 loops and change 1. Repeat until you have 5 ch 1s in the one loop. repeat until now stiches remain on needle or dowel. Step 3: You have 1 sc on the hook. pick up stiches by pulling up the loop from each stich. Five loops on needle for each grouped stich. repeat. Note: you do not have to make a change because You stitch the loop right on to the needle or dowel you are using. Don’t do steps 4 through 5 you do step 5 with yarn on needle. until all loops are off needle then pick up yarn as in instructions unto needle. Repeat crocheting 5 loops together and off needle.


Change 1 should be chain 1.
by pulling yarn though the loop on crochet hook I should have said to will have 2 stiches on hook pull yarn though both stiches. ending with one stich on hook. repeat! If you want photos I’ll do that.

Margie Rushermargierusher

great instructions made many afghans years ago lost the instructions when moving, so glad to see someone had posted them .


These instructions are very clear, I could follow them through with no trouble at all just now in 5 min only. Thank you so much, this was very helpful.

Dee Rice

I love this beautiful pattern! Thank you for the instructions!


I dropped a loop 5 rows back how do you fix it without going back 5 rows?


Like the pattern looking forward to trying it out


Thank you for sending me the websites for the demonstration videos for Broomstick Lace. Your instructions and illustrations are excellent. The written instructions on the booklet I bought are different. I like yours much better.

Linda Holm

I understand the directions for broomstick lace ok but I’m having difficulty using the yarn I purchased. Do I use a larger hook with buttercup yarn. It’s white, very soft and has small tufts , mKing it very hard to see the stitches

Rina Pienaar

Thanks for to show me how to do broomstick pattern.

Carol A Handley

Where can you buy the dowel now? I went to hobby lobby & joanns


Of all things, I ended up using a traditional umbrella handle for the “broomstick”! It was curved on the end, and opening the umbrella helped it stand up in exactly the right position on my table. Worked lovely for a 14 shell stitch.

I suppose if you’re superstitious, don’t use this one! But I’m not, so “umbrella lace” it is. Thanks for the tutorial – it really clarified some things for me! I like keeping the loops on the handle while I work, so I know they’re in the right order.


Thank you for this pattern, but also for your careful and detailed directions! I am a beginner self-taught crocheter and after researching other directions on line, your was the easiest to follow! I was able to make my project of a broomstick crochet cuff for a Christmas present.
Thank you!


Thank you so much for this! I saw a sample on Amazon of work that a reviewer called ChelBell where she was showing her work with Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable Yarn. I had no idea what the stitch was, so I dropped her a line and she was nice enough to tell me that it was the Broomstick Lace Crochet stitch. I am a lifelong knitter, but for this beautiful work, I was willing to learn how. Your tutorial showed me how easy and beautiful this stitch is! Thank you so much for this great ‘how-to’!


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