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Ready to Crochet Your First Sweater? Start With These FREE Patterns!

The best way to learn how to crochet a sweater is to practice, practice, practice. It takes some hands-on experience to understand the draping and shaping of crochet sweaters. Luckily, there are a lot of great, free crochet sweater patterns for beginners out there to help you learn.

Here are five great FREE crochet sweater patterns to help you learn how to crochet a sweater.

crochet wrap sweater pattern

Photo via Craftsy member Chantal Antonakis

1. One Stitch Wrap Sweater

This is a really simple crochet sweater pattern, but it still has chic style. All of the stitches are double crochets, which means that you don’t need advanced crochet experience to work this sweater. The shaping comes from the use of two different sized hooks — one slightly smaller than the other — to get stitches of different sizes. Additionally, the instructions include information on how to crochet the belt and belt loops to cinch the sweater for additional shaping. While the pattern is designed for a two-tone sweater, you could also make it all in one color. All in all, this is a solid choice if you’re looking for a free pattern to learn how to crochet a sweater.

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crochet sweater pattern with yoke

Photo via Craftsy member Christine Guest

2. Attleboro Sweater

This beautiful crochet sweater features long vertical lines of solid crochet that maintain a stylish silhouette on a very warm sweater. It also includes a lacy yoke, which is a terrific detail that makes the piece more interesting to the eye and also to the hook. The cute design was inspired by the idea of a princess fighting alongside Robin Hood. It utilizes a number of interesting crochet stitches, including the shell stitch, X stitch and working in the front loop only to create ribbing. It is worked in a combination of both rows and rounds.

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mesh crochet sweater free pattern

Photo via Craftsy member Hectanooga

3. Mesh Pullover Sweater

This free crochet sweater pattern is a simple, unisex design that can be scaled to fit anyone in the family from baby to dad. Worked in rows from the top down, this sweater is created in two identical pieces that are later stitched together. It is based on a very simple crochet pattern repeat that uses chain, single crochet and double crochet stitches only. Crocheted with a J hook, it’s a sweater that works up quickly. It can be embellished with flowers or appliqués or kept plain for a more contemporary, grown-up wearer. The pattern instructions explain how to measure for correct sizing.

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granny square crochet sweater

Photo via Craftsy member terratai

4. Bella Baby Pullover

If you can learn how to crochet a classic granny square, then you can learn how to crochet a sweater like this. The body is a large granny square in the front with a back made in double crochet. The sleeves use striping that matches the colors in the granny square for a powerful visual impact. The free crochet pattern is written for babies (four sizes, from one month to 30 months), but if you play around with the pattern for awhile, you’ll get the hang of it and likely be able to adapt it to larger sizes as well. 

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kids crochet sweater free pattern

Photo via Craftsy member Caroline Hegwer

5. Building Blocks

Starting with kids’ sweaters lets you practice shaping and seaming without committing to a huge project. Use this free pattern make a kids’ crochet sweater with a ton of style (it has a cute button closure in the back, too!). It’s a unisex sweater; just choose the two colors that your child loves best. The dropped neck is perfect for kids who don’t like material scratching at their throats. The pattern is written for four sizes, from newborn to 3 years old.

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I attempted to make a sweater like your mesh one. It is my first attempt at any adult sweater although I do crochet baby sweaters and they come out fine. The sweater I am making is made in two pieces. I am thinking this is part of the problem. It’s to big in the arms and not big enough around…This was a extra large size. Do you think it may be the pattern I was using? Do you have any suggestions? Please help……I am. Pulling my sweater apart.


Regarding your sweater, several corrections come to mind. First, always check gauge. You’ll especially need to match horizontally to end up with the circumference needed. Secondly, use a fitting muslin or toile. If you can’t make one that fits, either for wovens or for a knit that will stretch exactly like the desired sweater, you won’t get a good sweater fit. Thirdly, darts are probably essential when making size large. We are not two dimensional. Re arms or armholes, that’s a difficult area to fit correctly, often helped once the bust fits. But if the shoulders are narrow, there’ll be too much arm fabric. In general, easy patterns don’t have enough fitting lines to allow for adjustment. If you see a common theme here, you are correct. Children are easier to fit. Women have curves. A simple garment will be too tight where our greatest circumference sits and too loose in the waist. If there is waist shaping, it must fall precisely where ours does. The key to a good fit is measurements and preparation. The gauge is a good start.


On the one stitch wrap sweater you call for 8-14 balls of yarn. Do you know how much each ball contains?
Thank you.


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