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10 Fabulous & FREE Crochet Shawl Patterns

Crochet shawls are perfect for any season. They can be added on top of winter wear for warmth as well as a stylish layered look. In the hot months of the year, a wrap can be a great way to keep your bare shoulders cozy when the sun goes down.

Handmade wraps come in styles from casual everyday wear to elegant event fashion. Plus, shawls are always fun to crochet! They come in great shapes (circles, triangles, rectangles) and can be worked in any number of different stitch patterns to keep crafting interesting.

We’ve rounded up our favorite FREE crochet shawl patterns available right here on Bluprint.

Download your favorites now (or check out all crochet shawl patterns) and start crocheting away!

beaded crochet shawl free pattern 

Photo via Bluprint member The Blue Brick

1. Beaded Crochet Shawl

Lisa’s Shawl is a really simple pattern for a classic triangle crochet shawl. What makes it interesting is that it incorporates beads for a little bit of shimmer and texture. The pattern comes with instructions for bead crochet, so don’t be afraid to give it a try!

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 refracted lace crochet shawl pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Universal Yarn

2. Refracted Lace Shawl

Sport an airy shawl with a beautiful drape as you work this impressive (but easy!) shawl made with artful post stitches.

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crochet shawlette 

Photo via Bluprint member Universal Yarn

3. Flowering Herb Shawlette

The fringe-style flowers on this lovely simple shawlette add a natural, organic flair that makes it a perfect accessory for spring or summer. It looks great with dresses! The crochet pattern uses only basic crochet stitches worked in worsted weight yarn, making this an easy pattern to play with.

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granny crochet shawl

Photo via Bluprint member Fairmount Fibers

4. Ombré Granny Stripe Crochet Shawl

The Augusta Shawl is a crochet shawl inspired by the classic granny square. It’s simple to work up although the pattern is easiest to understand if you know how to read a crochet chart. The yarn colors here are a terrific ombré influenced by the summer sun and autumn leaves.

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pineapple crochet shawl

Photo via Bluprint member Cute and Kaboodle

5. Pineapple Crochet Shawl

The pineapple stitch is a great lace stitch that harkens back to the earliest days of crochet but has been brought into modern times with contemporary designs. This is a classic crochet crescent wrap that highlights the beauty of the pineapple crochet.

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white crochet shawl 

Photo via Bluprint member Cascade Yarns

6. Lacy Arches Stole

Another really traditional crochet shawl is the white crochet shawl, created in all shades from snow white to cream. The Lacy Arches Stole is a rectangular version of this everlasting design.

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 leaf crochet shawl

Photo via Bluprint member Aparna Rolfe

7. Leaflines Shawlette

Intermediate and advanced crocheters will enjoy trying out this free crochet shawlette pattern. It relies on unique cabling techniques with front and back post stitches to create a vein-like pattern that looks just like leaves. Crochet one in every color of the autumn leaves!

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crochet triangles shawl 

Photo via Bluprint member anastasiaknits

8. Three Triangles Crochet Shawl

Crochet designer Anastasia Knits explains, “This is a very simple, top down shawl, that is shaped like a half hexagon – or in other words: Three Triangles”. She offers tips for customizing the pattern.

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boho triangle crochet shawl 

Photo via Bluprint member Chandi Agee

9. Boho Triangle Shawl

Long fringe turns a basic lacy crochet scarf into a boho chic work of art. This is the perfect shawl to take with you to summer music festivals for warding off the chill when the sun sets.

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crochet prayer shawl pattern 

Photo via Bluprint member KCAC On U.K.

10. Crochet Prayer Shawl

This free crochet pattern was designed to be a prayer shawl. People crochet prayer shawls for churches, hospitals, charities and others in need, stitching inspirational thoughts of love and support into each row of the shawl.

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Which of these fabulous free crochet shawl patterns will you stitch up first?

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Hi i would like to know if this is one time feel monthly

Marian Parker

I love all the free patterns, it keeps the interest going, the fact that they are for beginner and also the ones that give you a bit of a push to stretch yourself. Keep them coming. Marian.

Helene Bunny SantaMaria

I’ve been making attempts to find out how to use gift my cousin Laurie Osborne Clark gave me as gift last March?
I don’t know if it’s good for class, kit, or product?
Please get back to me. I’ve been waiting!

gloria vivero

would really love to get this pattern.


Thank you

Deborah L Spaner

I was working on the Flowering Herb Shawlette. Everything was fine until row 7. Can someone help me figure out what sk next 4 ch-2 sp, means when I don’t have a 4 ch-2sp from the row before?


Hey Deborah,
I understand you’ve been looking for a four chain space to skip, but you have to skip four of the chain 2 spaces from the row before.
Hope that helps, happy crocheting from Germany!


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