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Learn to Crochet Hats With 10 Totally Free Patterns

Get started crocheting hats with these basic crochet hat patterns. Plus, the patterns are totally FREE! Download one of these crochet hat patterns — and don’t forget to upload photos of the finished hat to our projects when you’re finished!

Lakeside Chunky Beanie FREE Crochet Pattern

Photo via Craftsy member Michele Costa

1. Lakeside Chunky Beanie

Chunky yarn is a beginner’s dream since it works up so quickly. You can practice your pompom skills with this pattern, too. The pattern is basic enough for guys and girls, so you can crochet one for practically anyone who needs a cozy new accessory.

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Mama's Easy Hat FREE Crochet Pattern

Photo via Craftsy member Mamachee

2. Mama’s Easy Hat

The gauge of this hat is loose with a nice drape — perfect for a bit of a slouch. The designer’s mom stitched this hat for her while watching the Super Bowl, so that’s all the proof you need that the pattern is a quick one!

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30 Minute Preemie Hat FREE Crochet Pattern

Photo via Craftsy member Quadshotyarn

3. 30 Minute Preemie Hat

Baby hats are awesome projects for beginners because they’re so small. Designer Quadshotyarn created this pattern with charity in mind. Check out our “Ways to Knit and Crochet for Charity” for ideas on where you can donate preemie hats and other projects.

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Basic Half Double Crochet Hat FREE Pattern

Photo via Craftsy member CMLHO

4. Basic Half-Double Crochet Hat

Crochet the most basic version of this hat first to familiarize yourself with the pattern, then try the version with the ear flaps. The half-double crochet is the ideal stitch for the hat, making it a quick project that has just the right amount of breathing room for your head.

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Outlier Slouchy Toque FREE Crochet Pattern

Photo via Craftsy member YarnConfections

5. Outlier Slouchy Toque

The inspiration behind this pattern is to shop your stash. Designer YarnConfections has a pattern for several weights of yarn. This is the bulky version, but you can also check out the worsted and DK versions. Of course, if you don’t have a stash yet, you can always choose a yarn based on a color you love instead.

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Easy Peasy Slouch Hat FREE Crochet Pattern

Photo via Craftsy member Mommyferg02

6. Easy Peasy Slouch Hat

I love how the design of this hat has an almost checkerboard pattern. It’s casual enough to wear on the weekend, but it would also look great paired with something fancier like a pea coat. 

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Gypsy Hat FREE Crochet Pattern

Photo via Craftsy member Knit Collage

7. Gypsy Hat

This hat is meant for those days when you want a hat that’s more fashionable than warm. As you can see from the photo, this is a great opportunity to use a yarn that features beads or sequins. The yarn featured here is also silk, so think about trying out a luxury yarn.

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Back to the Thirties FREE Crochet Hat Pattern

Photo via Craftsy member GaBoSocks

8. Back to the Thirties

Isn’t it amazing how one tiny detail can change an entire hat? This hat, inspired by the silhouettes of the ’30s, has a simple I-cord detail on the side that gives it a totally different vibe. There’s also a neat crab stitch finish, but if you can’t seem to figure out how to do it, no sweat — just omit that row.

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Basic Beginner Beanie FREE Crochet Pattern

Photo via Craftsy member Missyt_00

9. Basic Beginner Beanie

Beginners, this pattern was created just for you! Designer Missyt_00 wrote this pattern for a beginner crochet class, and she’s graciously sharing it here for Craftsy members who are ready to make their first beanie.

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Versatile Earflap Hat FREE Crochet Pattern

Photo via Craftsy member MicahMakes

10. Versatile Earflap Hat Pattern

Yes, even beginners can crochet earflaps! We promise they’re easy. Designer MicahMakes encourages you to try different variations on this basic pattern once you’re comfortable. Check out the Micah Makes blog for examples of those variations.

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Beginners, what style hat do you plan to stitch for your first-ever hat project? Seasoned crocheters, please share your crochet hat tips with all of our beginners! 

Get more crochet hat patterns, free and in support of independent designers, here!

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cyndi lambert

I would like to know how to make them


I’m a beginner but ever hat I have made is way to big. What am I doing wrong?

Cynthia Miller

Make sure you’re using the right size yarn and hook. The bulky yarns will make it bigger.


You should make a gauge swatch next time. You made need to use a smaller hook to obtain the correct gauge.

Judy Moss

Some yarns (maybe the less expensive ones) tend to stretch more than others.

Dolores Carballo

It’s all in the counting. Make sure your counting each stitch in each row correctly. Took me awhile to get the hang of it. I used to use a marker at the end of each row and write down on a piece of paper which row I was on. Hope this helps a little. Don’t give up

Lois A Ballard

I am a beginner ,I would like to learn to crochet a hat.


Very easy!

Sandra nickel

My friend is in intensive care at the hospital. I’d like to make a soft cap to make her look nice while she sleeps. I am an absolute beginner to crochet. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you

Heather Stephens

I’m a beginner also and every hat I make ends up to small…like it would fit on a dolls head but not my toddlers. I use the correct hook and yarn but it still happens…but on the plus side I finally mastered that silly magic ring…even though I despise using it.


Try to make sure that you don’t skip over any chains that you aren’t supposed to skip over. If it helps, try counting out the amount of stitches to make sure you end with the right number.

Kathy Hardess

Amazing patterns! I’m a big fan of crochet hats because they are very cute and they’re a great DIY Gift. I remember crafting a basic half-double crochet hat for my niece that resembles the one in your article. She was very happy about it and she has worn it all season long.

Thank you for sharing these amazing crochet patterns. I think that my next project will be the gypsy hat.


#7 the gypsy hat pattern is not available


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