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Get Your Cute On With 7 Free Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

For beginners, hearing the word “amigurumi” can be a little scary. But, don’t sweat it. It’s just the term used to describe any knitted or crocheted stuffed toy. (You can read more on the word amigurumi in Lisa’s awesome post.)

Amigurumi is often small, which means you can use those crazy-short lengths of scrap yarn to make arms, legs, eyes, tails — any little piece of a cute toy.

Ready to get your cute on? Download one of these amigurumi crochet patterns!

Purple Stitch Project Monster Amigurumi crochet pattern

Photo via Craftsy member CraftyisCool

Purple Stitch Project Monster Amigurumi

The “purple stitch project” in the name of this pattern is just because of its color; it’s actually donated in honor of Vickie Howell’s Purple Stitch Project, a charitable organization that benefits kids with epilepsy. Make your monster fierce or friendly with just a change of the smile.

Get the Purple Stitch Project Monster Amigurumi pattern here.

Amigurumi Heart Cactus crochet pattern

Photo via Craftsy member Sayjai

Amigurumi Heart Cactus Crochet

This cactus would brighten up any space, including your desk. If you’re new to crochet, don’t sweat it. This 4-page tutorial includes 14 images to help you navigate unknown amigurumi waters.

Get the Amigurumi Heart Cactus Crochet pattern here.

Amigurumi Bird crochet pattern

Photo via Craftsy member Kseniczka

Amigurumi Bird

Crow or raven? You decide! You’ll use magic ring as well as a few basic crochet stitches — single, double, and treble crochet — to make this pattern. It’s yet another good choice for beginners.

Get the Amigurumi Bird pattern here.

Amigurumi Corgi Pattern crochet

Photo via Craftsy member studio_ami

Amigurumi Corgi

This would make a great gift for your corgi-loving friends. This cute puppy uses safety eyes and a safety nose, but you could also opt to embroider the features with black scrap yarn. You could even make a bigger version of this one by using super-bulky yarn and a larger hook.

Get the Amigurumi Corgi pattern here.

Animal Friends Amigurumi Crochet pattern

Photo via Craftsy member jennyandteddy

Animal Friends Amigurumi

I love everything happening in this photo, especially the cute little kerchiefs. The pattern comes with instructions to make the cat, tiger, pig and monkey. You’ll get a little bit of practice changing colors, and  you’ll be a pro at seaming once you’ve finished.

Get the Animal Friends Amigurumi pattern here.

Betty Prickles the Hedgehog Pincushion crochet pattern

Photo via Craftsy member KCAC ON U.K.

Betty Prickles the Hedgehog Pincushion

I like this amigurumi not just for her adorable name but also because she shows us a very creative function! Crocheters sometimes forget that amigurumi can do more than just sit pretty on a shelf. This button-nosed cutie can hold pins and even yarn needles!

Get the Betty Prickles the Hedgehog Pincushion pattern here.

Kitty got my Key Amigurumi crochet pattern

Photo via Craftsy member Ana C. Rosa

Kitty got my Key Amigurumi

Here’s another cute idea for amigurumi that doesn’t just want to sit on the shelf: a key chain!

Get the Kitty got my Key Amigurumi pattern here.

What’s the cutest amigurumi you’ve ever crocheted?

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