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Spring Into Style With 14 Crochet Ponchos and Capelets

Crochet Poncho and Capelet Pattern Roundup

What do you think of when I say “poncho”?

Clint Eastwood and his cowboy pals riding the range?
A field full of hippies swaying to the groovy music with flowers in their hair?
Or maybe you picture that famous fisherman in yellow from the grocery store?

It’s time to cast aside those old ideas and get ready for a new era of fashion!  According to trend reports, the poncho is back! Open any magazine and you are sure to see one. From the runway to Hollywood, college campuses to the beach, ponchos are everywhere! Women, children and yes, even men will be wearing them this year.

The poncho is often considered a transition piece that moves us into the cold weather. With spring approaching and summer not far behind, it is time to explore warm weather options.

Ponchos: Cover up in style

Once upon a time, as early as 500 B.C., the poncho was a wardrobe staple. A simple rectangle made from woven fabric with a hole or slit for the head in the center. Look how far we have come! What was once worn only for function is now fashionable.

The collection I’ve put together for you today shows just how versatile this humble garment is. When choosing a pattern for warm weather wear, consider using a cotton, linen or  bamboo yarn. These will produce a fabric more suited to the temperatures.

1) Sweater Poncho

Sweater Poncho Crochet Pattern

Sweater Poncho via Craftsy member margaret.landis

Get the Sweater Poncho pattern here.

2) Swirly Twirly Poncho

Swirly Twirly Poncho Crochet Pattern

Swirly Twirly Poncho via Craftsy member Tiggztoo

Get the Swirly Twirly Poncho pattern here.

3) Crochet Bulky Poncho

Bulky Poncho Crochet Pattern

Crocheted Bulky Poncho via Craftsy member Vogue Knitting

Get the Crocheted Bulky Poncho pattern here.

4) Poncho Poncho

Poncho Poncho Crochet Pattern

Poncho Poncho via Craftsy member Harrietta

Get the Poncho Poncho pattern here.

5) Fairy Lace Poncho

Fairy Lace Poncho Crochet Pattern

Fairy Lace Poncho via Craftsy member Crystalized

Get the Fairy Lace Poncho pattern here.

6) Poncho

Amalia Poncho Crochet Pattern

Poncho via Craftsy member Yolanda M

Get the Poncho pattern here.

7) Kauni Poncho

Kauni Poncho Crochet Pattern

Kauni Poncho via Craftsy member Crochet Editor

Get the Kauni Poncho pattern here.

Capelets: The petite cover up

The Capelet (also the caplet or capelette) is the petite little sister of the poncho. Similar in construction it offers versatile, easy to wear style. Because it has less bulk than a poncho it is a great option to chase the chill of the air conditioner at the office or the grocery store.

It is also time to start thinking about prom and wedding season. A capelet is the perfect formal wear accessory. The fixed shaping is convenient and will keep hands free and shoulders covered. It can be made to coordinate with any gown style, in colors that subtly compliment or pop with contrast.

Here are a few patterns that can be worn for a day at the park or the biggest day of ever!

8) Wildwood Capelet Cape

Wildwood Capelet Crochet Pattern

Wildwood Capelet Cape via Craftsy member LazyTcrochet

Get the Wildwood Capelet Cape pattern here.

9) Summer (or Winter) Cape Capelet

Summer or Winter Capelet Crochet Pattern

Summer or Winter Cape Capelet via Craftsy member LazyTcrochet

Get the Summer or Winter Cape Capelet pattern here.

10) Paisley Capelet

Paisley Capelet Crochet Pattern

Paisley Capelet via Craftsy member SalenaBaca

Get the Paisley Capelet pattern here.

11) Cottage Caplet

Cottage Caplet Crochet Pattern

Cottage Caplet via Craftsy member Mitten Made

Get the Cottage Caplet pattern here.

12) Austen Capelet

Austen Capelet Crochet Pattern

Austen Capelet via Craftsy member Holland Designs

Get the Austen Capelet pattern here.

13) Victoria Capelette

Victorian Capalet Crochet Pattern

Victorian Capelette via Craftsy member CityStyle

Get the Victorian Capelette pattern here.

14) Pineapples Capelet

Pineapples Capelet Crochet Pattern

Pineapples Capelet via Craftsy member Nancy Brown-Designer

Get the Pineapples Capelet pattern here.


Marcia Cook

Live all the different styles of crochets.

Anne M Downs

some days ago I discovered craftsy and order yarn for two patterns and purchased the patterns. I have received the yarn and the pattern for the Modern patchwork blanket. I received the yarn for the other pattern which was a capelet Lion Brand -Heartland but I never received instructions on downloading the pattern. I am sure that the creator said she used five bolts of the yarn to make the caplet which was this lovely shade of green but the yarn I received has only 5 ozs in each bolt. Can you help me find the pattern? Please

Anne M Downs

Sorry I made a mistake the designer said she used 5 bolts but her yarn was 7 0z each mine from Lion is only 5 ozs each.


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