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Get Hooked! 6 Gorgeous Tatting and Crochet Patterns

Like most crafters, I’m constantly on the hunt for unique accessories, and that especially applies to jewelry. When I browse stores for new jewelry, everything starts to look the same to me. Didn’t I just see that necklace somewhere else? Doesn’t my friend own this bracelet? It’s hard to be one-of-a-kind — unless you’re a crafter, of course.

Crochet and tatting are ideal crafts for jewelry. You can create loops and knots all kinds of crazy shapes. You can crochet around existing jewelry to give it a new look. Move that hook anywhere you want!

Pink Crochet Bracelet

Photo via Marilee Rockley, instructor of Shuttle Tatting

My favorite time of year to wear crochet jewelry is during the fall and winter. Metal accessories feel cold against my skin during those seasons, so fiber jewelry is a welcome change. But the best thing about crochet jewelry is that it’s such a quick, simple project. You can crochet jewelry in less than an hour in most cases, and you can probably get more wear out of it than you do most of the other projects you make.

Take a peek at these gorgeous jewelry tatting and crochet patterns from right here on Craftsy and start crocheting your very own jewelry collection.

Blue Crocheted Earrings Laying on Music Book

Photo via Designs by Melody

Crochet earrings

It takes a very small amount of yarn or thread to crochet a pair of earrings. These cobalt earrings use a beautiful cobalt shade of crochet thread. Top them off with a clear bead to add just the right amount of sparkle.

Get the free pattern here

Different Colored Crocheted Pendants

Photo via Crochet by Faye


Classic pendants get an update when they’re paired with modern chains and beads. A perfect last-minute handmade gift for friends, these pendants can be crocheted in any color. Don’t worry if you’re not a jewelry expert. The only jewelry knowledge you’ll need is opening and closing jump rings — no problem for a beginner.

Get the pattern here

Pink Lacy Crochet Bracelet

Photo via The Perfect Knot Crochet & More

Lacy bracelet

This Lacy Picot Bracelet looks store-bought, but it’s actually handmade. Make a couple in your favorite colors to coordinate with multiple outfits, or just make one in a neutral color so you can wear it all the time.

Get the pattern here

Woman Modeling 3 Bangle Bracelets

Photo via Mamta

Crochet around a bangle

No need to go out and buy expensive supplies for this project. Take a bangle you already own, crochet around it, and voila — a new look. This Tyre Bangle pattern will give you the how-to for making the look professional.

Get the pattern here

Bow Earrings Hanging on a White Coffee Cup

Photo via Aimarro Patterns

Bow earrings

It occurred to you that you could crochet a headband bow, but did you ever think about miniaturizing that bow to make a cute pair of earrings? These bow earrings are the perfect little package for yourself or as a gift for a friend.

Get the pattern here

Pink Crochet Necklace Laying on Music Book

Photo via Marilee Rockley

Shuttle tatting

If you really want to think outside the box when it comes to crochet jewelry, check out Shuttle Tatting with Marilee Rockley. Shuttle tatting is a lesser-known craft involving knots, stitches, and lace patterns that come together to form delicate loops and picots. Take a look at Marilee’s Rhapsody necklace as an example. Marilee will show you how to make this necklace, plus how to make a bracelet, earrings, and other tiny embellishments.

Have you ever crocheted your own jewelry? What did you make?


Kenya Pritchard

wonderful outstanding patterns!!!!!!!!

Faith Ten Haken

FYI – Tatting is not crocheting in any way, shape, or form….tatting is tatting, crocheting is crocheting. As someone who shuttle tats and can also needle tat, also knits and crochets, it bothers me to see the various arts mislabeled.

Michelle D.

Totally Agree with Faith Haken. As someone who knits, crochets, and tats, I was surprised to see the tatted bracelet at the beginning of the article with no mention at all that it is NOT crochet, and only a small nod to tatting at the very end.


I’m with you 1,000%. Knitting is not crocheting and tatting is neither one. all are very beautiful in their own right and NOT to be confused. I’m pretty well versed in each hand craft since I had a craft store for 8 1/2 years until Wal Mart put me out of business. Also machine quilting is nothing like hand quilting as machine knitting is nothing like hand knitting. Respect all our hand crafts and please give their respected names. Thank you for your comment.

Carol W

Completely agree with what others have said about the blurring of tatting and crochet in this post. Just because Craftsy lists Marilee Rockley’s class on its “Crochet” page does not mean that the confusion should be augmented by including it here .


Thank you for feeling the same as I do. Tatting is tatting and crochet is crocheting. I do both and love them.

Lady K Rose

The tatting is lovely and delicate looking. I never did learn to shuttle tat, but I can do needle tatting with the same end results.


I have crocheted belts, beaded necklaces, a necklace festooned with white pearl buttons of various sizes, dangling from the main strand, many earrings (including small baskets holding flowers as dangle pierced earrings), rings.


This article needs major updating. Links to free patterns now cost & there’s a dead link.


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