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18 Patterns for Crochet Christmas Gift Bags, Boxes and Pouches

It would be wonderful if we could make handmade gifts for every single person in our lives each and every year. However, that’s just not possible for most of us. What’s a good compromise? Crochet your own gift bags and boxes to help package your store-bought gifts!

Crochet gift bags are quick and easy to work up. More importantly, they add a personalized handmade touch to items. As an added bonus, they are a sustainable, reusable packaging option — go green is fun!

Here are 18 patterns for crochet Christmas gift bags, boxes and more.

Crochet Christmas Gift Bags

Crochet gift bags can be made in all sizes as packaging for just about any gift you might give this holiday season.

Snowman Gift Bag crochet pattern

Snowman Gift Bag via Bluprint member CrochetSal’s.

This adorable crochet gift bag can be made using different types of yarn for different sizes and effects. This one is a fun bag that kids will love!

Get the Snowman Gift Bag pattern here.

Snowflake Gift Bags and Ornaments crochet pattern

Snowflake Gift Bags and Ornaments via Bluprint member Yarnovations.

This winter-themed crochet gift bag pattern comes in 4 sizes so you can use it to package up a variety of different gifts this holiday season.

Get the Snowflake Gift Bags and Ornaments patterns here.

Crochet Gift Bag Pattern

Crochet Mini Gift Bag via Bluprint member Spincushions.

These small crochet gift bags are great for holding chocolates, fruit and other small items. You can make up a whole set of them to hand out as gifts at holiday parties.

Get the Crochet Mini Gift Bag pattern here.

Crochet Gift Bag Free Pattern

Crochet Gift Bag HONEY via Bluprint member MiCrocknit Creations.

This lovely crochet gift bag has a vintage flair. The crochet pattern is free and there are several similar free crochet bag patterns from the same designer here on the Bluprint site.

Get the Crochet Gift Bag HONEY pattern here.

Flower Gift Bag Crochet Pattern

Flower Gift Bag via Bluprint member Creative Crochet Workshop.

This is a gift bag that can be re-used again and again for any holiday throughout the year.

Get the Flower Gift Bag pattern here.

Crochet Wine Bottle Gift Bags

Every year I buy a case of my favorite wine and pop each bottle into a crochet gift bag. This makes for an easy gift that I can take along with me to any holiday gatherings as a last-minute present. Here are some crochet patterns for wine bottle gift bags:

Felted crochet wine bag pattern

Felted Wine Bottle Gift Bag via Bluprint member knotsewcute design shop.

Put a twist on a classic crochet wine bottle bag by choosing a felted version. It’s a cozy choice for the winter season!

Get the Felted Wine Bottle Gift Bag pattern here.

Bottle Buddies - wine bottle gift bags crochet pattern

Bottle Buddies Wine Bottle Gift Bags via Bluprint member SnuginaDub.

There are several different character options in this crochet pattern as well as information on how to make your own characters for wine gifts.

Get the Bottle Buddies Wine Bottle Gift Bags pattern here.

wine bottle gift bag pattern

Wine Bottle Gift Bag via Bluprint member Jamine Deal.

This affordable crochet pattern is worked with a K hook so it works up quickly and easily.

Get the Wine Bottle Gift Bag pattern here!

Loops and Chains Wine Cozy crochet pattern

Loops and Chains Wine Cozy via Bluprint member Loess Hills Creative Crochet.

This openwork design allows the recipient to see what kind of wine they are getting as a gift.

Get the Loops and Chains Wine Cozy pattern here.

crochet wine bottle gift bag pattern

Snowman Wine Bottle Bag via Bluprint member Whiskers and Wool Crochet Patterns.

What an adorable set of crochet wine cozies this boy and girl snowman make!

Get the Snowman Wine Bottle Bag pattern here.

Crochet Gift Card Pouches

Gift cards always seem like such impersonal gifts and yet they often offer the best way to make sure the people in your life get the things that they actually want and will use. Putting those gift cards in a handmade pouch is a terrific way to add a personal touch that makes these items more unique.

Santa's Helpers Gift Pouches crochet pattern

Santa’s Helpers Gift Pouches via Bluprint member CrochetSal’s.

These gift pouches are the perfect size for a gift card and they have a drawstring that allows you to hang them on a Christmas tree or mantle.

Get the Santa’s Helpers Gift Pouches here.

crochet christmas gift card holders

Crochet Christmas Gift Card Holders via Bluprint member Jess Boyer Crochet.

Choose from a reindeer, a snowman or a Santa Claus crochet pattern when making these handled crochet gift card bags.

Get the Crochet Christmas Gift Card Holders pattern here.

crochet gift card pattern

Gift Card Holder via Bluprint member Stitches ‘N’ Scraps.

This easy crochet pattern comes with instructions for several variations to further personalize your gift. It’s designed for crochet gift tags but would work as a holder for crochet gift cards as well.

Get the Gift Card Holder pattern here.

gift pocket bear crochet pattern

Gift Pocket Bear via Bluprint member Galler Yarns.

Give the gift of a cuddly stuffed animal along with your gift cards this year!

Get the Gift Pocket Bear pattern here.

Crochet Christmas Gift Boxes and More

If you want to get even more creative with your packaging that just crochet gift bags and gift card pouches then these crochet patterns can help:

The Perfect Gift Box crochet pattern

The Perfect Gift Box via Bluprint member The Perfect Knot Crochet & More.

This crochet gift box is adorable. Plus it will be useful long after the gift has been given.

Get The Perfect Gift Box pattern here.

gift basket with hearts crochet pattern

Gift Basket with Hearts via Bluprint member Karin Pichler Designs.

Make this lovely basket in red and green and use it to hold a number of small wrapped Christmas packages this year.

Get the Gift Basket with Hearts pattern here.

A Sweet Heart Gift Pocket crochet pattern

A Sweet Heart Gift Pocket via Bluprint member Hands of Blessing Designs.

This easy crochet pattern is designed as personalized wrapping for a lollipop or long-stemmed rose.

Get the A Sweet Heart Gift Pocket pattern here.

Christmas wreath crochet gift tag pattern

Christmas Wreath Gift Tag via Bluprint member Lulu Bebeblu

This free crochet pattern offers you an easy way to add a personal touch to any gift at all in no time flat.

Get the Christmas Wreath Gift Tag pattern here.

What do you think is the best way to personalize a store-bought gift using your crafting skills?



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Would it be possible for someone to please email me all the crochet patterns please as I’ve only started now and would like to continue my hobby


Would it be possible for someone to please email me all the crochet patterns please as I’ve only started now and would like to continue my hobby


Several of them you have to pay for. You’ll have to do it on your own. But there are free ones out there too. Just spend some time searching. 🙂


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