Crochet amigurumi Easter eggs and chicks

8 Bright and Colorful Easter Egg Crochet Patterns

By Ashley Little
Dyeing Easter eggs is fun, but those pretty eggs don't last forever. Guess what kind of eggs do last forever. That's right: crochet Easter eggs! The Easter egg crochet patterns we've spotted on Craftsy lately are bright, colorful, and just dying to hang out on our kitchen tables. There are plenty of crochet egg cozy patterns, too, in case your plain eggs get jealous and need a little dressing up. Read more »

Crochet Thursday: March of the Penguin Crochet Patterns

By Ashley Little
I've loved penguins since I was a kid, and since I don't frequent the zoo nearly as often, I settle for other penguin eye candy like penguin crochet patterns. Craftsy members must feel the same way because we're overflowing with adorable penguin patterns by Craftsy designers. Get your daily dose of cute with these penguin crochet patterns. Read more »

Crochet Thursday: Show Some Love by Crocheting Hearts This V-Day

By Ashley Little
For crocheters, Valentine's Day is about more than just paper valentines. Crochet hearts can be seamed onto clothing as an embellishment or even crocheted solo as a decoration. Whether you're crocheting for your valentine or just adding some much needed Valentine's Day decor to your life, show some love this year with one of these crocheted hearts. Read more »

Crochet Thursday: 5 Crochet Turkey Patterns to Gobble Up

By Ashley Little
Crocheted turkey trio

I like crochet turkeys because you can customize them to match your Thanksgiving decor -- even if you're not very traditional. These crochet turkeys are meant for home decor, but we wouldn't say no to making them centerpieces and toys. (Kids need something to keep them busy at the table, right?) No matter how you plan on showing off your turkey -- on the table, in the windowsill, or on your clothing -- Craftsy's crochet patterns have you covered.

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How to Crochet in the Round

By Ashley Little
Round Crocheted Afghan

There are a lot of different ways you can start off your crochet in the round. Of course, if you're using a pattern, it will tell you exactly what to do. But what if you're improvising? You never know when the urge to crochet a hat might kick in. Be ready with these 4 tips for crocheting in the round.

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Amigurumi Projects and Patterns: Crochet Trends

By Craftsy
Amigurumi is one of the hottest trends in crochet, because it has crafters making the cutest little creatures quickly and easily. They make great toys, decor, and they are unforgettable gifts! Here at Craftsy, we have two online classes to help you learn and perfect your Amigurumi skills. The Craftsy Pattern Marketplace is also home to tons of irresistible Amigurumi patterns. Here are some of our favorite Amigurumi projects from Craftsy members just like you! Read more »