The Essentials of Pasta Making

Everything you need to cook by hand with care.

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From Our Kitchen to Yours

Experience the joys of handmade pasta making with our expert led courses, curated cookware and tools, plus specialty ingredients you won't find at your local supermarket and cookbooks with recipes to wow your taste buds!


The Scarpetta Cookbook

Award-winning chef, restaurator and Craftsy instructor Scott Conant shares 125 of his signature dishes, covering everything from ingredient shopping to tips for home entertaining.

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Every Night Italian

This timeless Italian cookbook by Craftsy instructor Giuliano Hazan includes detailed drawings of essential techniques to prepare authentic Italian food quickly and easily. Discover 120 recipes from appetizers to desserts that you can make in under an hour!

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More Cooking Adventures

Explore our courses, ingredients and tools from cuisines around the world!

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