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Confidently cook any vegetable for crave-worthy results with guidance from cookbook author and instructor Ivy Manning. Veg out with Ivy's tips for blanching broccoli, spinach and more, and expertly sauté corn, grape tomatoes and basil for a delightfully refreshing summer dish. Then, whip up a versatile glaze that transforms your favorite vegetables into dishes you can't get enough of. Ivy shows you how to master the stir-fry for a quick, easy and totally tasty way to enjoy your daily dose of veggies. And, find out how to roast root vegetables, properly steam broccoli and steam-roast delectable mushrooms en papillote. Ivy even shares her recipe for garlic-infused olive oil, tips for grilling dry or juicy vegetables and her secrets to perfect caramelized onions. Eat your veggies — and love every bite — with the techniques and recipes you'll learn in this class!


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  • 2h15m

Included in this Class

1. Blanching

1. Blanching

Meet your instructor, Ivy Manning, and learn professional techniques for achieving perfectly cooked vegetables! You'll start by learning the basics of blanching everything from broccoli to spinach to green beans. You can even use this technique to remove the skins from tomatoes and fruit such as peaches and plums.

2. Sautéing

2. Sautéing

Learn the benefits of sautéing! Ivy begins by preparing the vegetables and the pan and demonstrates the proper technique. Then, sauté sweet corn and grape tomatoes with basil for a tasty summer dish. You'll also sauté a southern greens mix with onions and bacon.

3. Glazing

3. Glazing

Cook tasty glazed carrots! Follow Ivy step by step as she makes glazed heirloom carrots with a white wine reduction. You can use this classic technique on any root vegetable for a delicious side dish.