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with Ian Knauer
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The New Chicken Dinner

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Transform chicken into flavorful weeknight meals that excite, with guidance from culinary instructor and cookbook author Ian Knauer! First, make homemade rotisserie-style chicken a weeknight reality with Ian’'s special roasting technique. Master extra-crispy deep-fried chicken, with step-by-step instructions for breaking down a whole bird and brining for big flavor. Then, find out how to sear chicken breasts two ways — air-dried and bone-in, and as boneless paillards — for juicy results every time. Want to lock in maximum moisture? Discover how to bake chicken in a salt crust for a wonderfully tender, flavorful result. Plus, Ian shows you how to spatchcock and grill a whole bird under hot bricks, braise chicken thighs for a savory ragù and even poach a whole bird using a classic Chinese technique.


  • advanced
  • 8 episodes
  • 2h13m

Included in this Class

1. Introduction & Shopping

1. Introduction & Shopping

Meet chef, cookbook author and cooking teacher Ian Knauer and discover the innovative cooking techniques you'll learn in your class. Then get started with shopping tips for the best bird and how to store it properly when you get home.

2. Rotisserie-Style Roasting

2. Rotisserie-Style Roasting

Learn Ian's technique for cooking flavorful rotisserie-style chicken at home -- no special equipment required! Add flavor to your bird with a compound butter and aromatics and learn how to truss your bird and rotate it in the oven for moist meat and crispy skin. Then prepare a delicious pan sauce to serve with the chicken.

3. Deep-Frying

3. Deep-Frying

Ian has spent years perfecting his fried chicken technique, and in this lesson he shares all he knows. He demonstrates a simple method for cutting up a whole chicken and shows you how to brine and dry-dredge the pieces to keep them moist and flavorful as they deep-fry. You'll also learn about the different oils you can use for frying and how to check the chicken for doneness so it stays juicy.