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with James Briscione
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Sous Vide at Home: The Essentials

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Learn how easy sous-vide cooking really is! From tender chicken to flavorful vegetables, uncover the secrets to perfectly cooked results, some of which you just won't get any other way! Chef, cookbook author and two-time "Chopped" champion James Briscione is your guide as you find out how to slow-cook eggs and make rich hollandaise sauce for a brunch worth remembering. Then, discover a no-fail technique for preserving the delicate texture of fish. And, master James' go-to approach to vacuum sealing ingredients as you make brown butter chicken and tender pork belly, perfect for tempting tacos. Moving on, cook your best steak ever with sous vide and bask in 48-hour short ribs that are so juicy, you won't mind the wait. Finally, move vegetables to the center of your plate by sealing in flavors and nutrients, and serving up crowd favorites such as cumin-scented carrots and intense butternut squash soup.


  • intermediate
  • 6 episodes
  • 2h20m

Included in this Class

1. Introduction to Sous Vide

1. Introduction to Sous Vide

In this class, you'll learn that sous vide isn't only for fine dining; it's also a convenient way to cook at home, with or without a vacuum sealer. First, become familiar with the equipment you need and master the five basic steps to perfect sous vide cooking.

2. Sous Vide Eggs & Rice

2. Sous Vide Eggs & Rice

James begins by demonstrating the process making delicate slow-cooked eggs and hollandaise for a classic brunch. Then you'll explore water displacement while making risotto with an ideal al dente texture.

3. Sous Vide Fish & Fruit

3. Sous Vide Fish & Fruit

Sous vide is a fantastic technique for preserving the delicate texture of fish. In this lesson, learn how to poach salmon in butter, a technique you can use for any fish. Then, sous vide fruit by poaching pears in wine and infusing pineapple with jalapeño.