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with George Geary
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Quick & Delicious: Make the Most of Your Food Processor

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Wondering what to make with a food processor? Best-selling cookbook author George Geary shares the endless possibilities! Start by using the metal blade attachment to make spicy gazpacho, fresh salad dressings, thickly ground burgers, party-perfect hummus and more. Then, see how your slicing disk attachment can create creamy potatoes au gratin and sweet-potato chips, and rapidly slice onions for hands-off caramelized onions in your slow cooker. Think the shredding disk is just for cheese? Think again. Whip up irresistible pesto coleslaw, homemade applesauce and even a decadent carrot cake topped with cream cheese frosting. Finally, master fresh breads in your processor, from cottage herb bread to sweet almond tarts, and find out how to convert almost any dish into a fast food processor favorite, including hearty meatloaf and fudgy brownies.


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 1h29m

Included in this Class

1. Get to Know Your Food Processor

1. Get to Know Your Food Processor

Meet your instructor George Geary and learn to love your food processor! George will review all the parts to your processor, how to correctly use each piece and demonstrate how to put it together. Then, learn about different sizes and styles of processors.

2. Chopping With the Metal Blade

2. Chopping With the Metal Blade

Get started using your processor with the metal blade to make delicious dishes! Start with a spicy gazpacho soup and then move on to a tasty cobb salad and homemade dressing. Then, make streusel topping fast. Finally, learn how to perfectly grind beef for thick, fresh burgers.

3. Puréeing With the Metal Blade

3. Puréeing With the Metal Blade

Learn how to purée using the metal blade! George will teach you the chemistry behind emulsions while making a delicious homemade mayonnaise, herb aioli and hummus. Then, cream with the metal blade to make a delectable cream cheese frosting. Finally, purée nut butters and gorgonzola-onion butter.