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Master the Methods: Roast, Braise, Sauté & Pan-Fry

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Learn essential techniques and become a more confident cook with guidance from best-selling cookbook author Bruce Weinstein. First, learn the unique advantages of stovetop- and oven-braising and discover which cuts of meat work well for each method. Then create juicy, red-wine-braised chicken and flavorful Southwestern beef brisket. Next, discover how to roast rack of lamb, and master techniques for high-heat roasted seafood and a restaurant-style rib eye. Plus, master methods for your most delicious sautéed chicken, veal that's ready in a flash and even pan-fried pork chops no one will be able to resist.


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Included in this Class

1. Stovetop Braising

1. Stovetop Braising

Meet chef and cookbook author Bruce Weinstein and learn more about the fundamental cooking methods you'll master in your class. Then dive into stovetop braising -- perfect for smaller cuts of meat -- as Bruce shows you how to braise chicken thighs in red wine.

2. Oven Braising

2. Oven Braising

Learn how oven braising -- good for large, tough cuts of meat -- differs from stovetop braising as Bruce guides you through the preparation of Southwestern beef brisket with butternut squash. Bruce also explains how to change flavor profiles and shares tips on vegetable prep and tying a roast.

3. Low-Heat Roasting

3. Low-Heat Roasting

Low-temperature roasting is perfect for large, bone-in cuts of meat such as prime rib, pork roast or rack of lamb. Bruce shows how to French the bones on a rack of lamb and create a wonderful pesto and breadcrumb crust. Learn how to check for doneness and two ways to carve and serve.