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with Sandra Gutierrez
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Latin American Street Food: Empanadas, Arepas & Tostadas

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Bring the bold flavors and bright techniques of Latin American street food to your kitchen, with guidance from renowned chef and cookbook author Sandra Gutierrez. First, learn how to create two types of dough: a pasta frolla dough and a South American bread dough. Then use your doughs to make sweet membrillo and cream cheese empanadas, a ham and cheese variation, a light caprese empanada and more. Get ready for rave reviews when you make tempting arepas filled with black bean and avocado salsa and snack-size arepitas with shrimp and a flavorful sauce. Finally, learn how to make perfectly cooked tortillas at home and throw together delicious tostadas topped with fresh crab and avocado ceviche! Enjoy street food favorites made easy with Sandra's secret tips and expert techniques.


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h48m

Included in this Class

1. Classic Empanada Doughs

1. Classic Empanada Doughs

Meet your instructor, Sandra Gutierrez, and go on a Latin American street food adventure! First, you'll learn about empanadas. Then follow Sandra's tips for making a perfect pasta frolla dough and a delicious South American bread dough. You'll also roll and cut the dough into discs. Next up, baking!

2. Pasta Frolla Empanadas

2. Pasta Frolla Empanadas

Use the dough you created in the first lesson to make delicious pasta frolla empanadas! Start with a sweet membrillo and cream cheese filling, and shape your empanadas in a half-moon style. Next, make a savory mushroom and leek empanada, plus a ham and cheese filling in a ravioli shape your kids will love!

3. South American Bread Dough Empanadas

3. South American Bread Dough Empanadas

Stretch your empanada skills using South American bread dough! Follow Sandra's directions to make a delicious caprese empanada using a fold-and-pinch method called "repulgue." You'll also learn tips for frying empanadas and make the yummy savory-and-sweet combination empanada, the cordobesa.