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with Elizabeth Andoh
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Japanese Classics: Teriyaki, Tempura & More

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Master timeless Japanese cooking techniques for quick, easy and incredibly flavorful dishes any night of the week. IACP Award-winning cookbook author Elizabeth Andoh is your guide as you learn how to build flavor with Japanese stocks and make your first dish: savory dashi-steeped green beans. Then, uncover the secrets to perfectly cooked rice for quick and nutritious meals, including salmon-stuffed rice bundles and rainbow bowls. Miso soup may get all the attention, but in your next lesson, Elizabeth shows you how miso can impart its flavor to a variety of dishes, including Japanese meatballs. And, she shares her simple tricks for pickled veggies, the perfect accompaniment to any meal. Plus, get comfortable cooking Japanese dishes on your stovetop, from salmon teriyaki to blistered peppers and even skillet-seared steak. And deep-fry your way to crispy tempura anytime you wish.


  • intermediate
  • 6 episodes
  • 2h17m

Included in this Class

1. Building Flavor the Japanese Way

1. Building Flavor the Japanese Way

Start by exploring Japanese stocks and get comfortable with dashi (a basic sea stock) and umami essence. Then, master ohitashi, a delicious dish of dashi-steeped green beans. Along the way, discover the secrets to temperature and timing in stocks, and create deep flavors with umami essence.

2. Rice Basics & Beyond

2. Rice Basics & Beyond

Learn how to rely on rice for fast, easy and nutritious meals. Whip up several classics, including basic white rice, a domburi-style rainbow bowl and salmon-stuffed rice bundles. From the basics of washing and cooking rice to make-ahead toppings for big bowls, this lesson has everything you need to know for perfect rice.

3. Cooking With Miso

3. Cooking With Miso

Start working with miso! Make a classic miso soup (miso shiru) as well as delectable Japanese meatballs. You'll explore the various types of miso, and techniques that preserve aroma and flavor. And, find out how miso can play both lead and supporting roles in your dishes.