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with Joel Gamoran
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Cooking Mistakes

What Can Go Wrong & How To Make It Right
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Stop making the same cooking mistakes over and over again! Join Sur La Table senior resident chef Joel Gamoran in his free mini-class and become a more confident cook today. Start by setting yourself up for cooking success with the right knives and kitchen tools, and learn essential cutting techniques that will keep you safe and help you cook more efficiently. Then, master homestyle mise en place, or "everything in its place," and explore kitchen timing basics so that your dishes always hit the table together and at their best. Moving on, find out how to fix — and even avoid — common cooking mistakes such as gummy pasta, dry chicken and tough steak. Along the way, pick up techniques for perfectly seasoning any dish and many more methods to create meals that are always well-executed and mouthwateringly delicious.


  • beginner
  • 6 episodes
  • 1h23m

Included in this Class

1. Ouch! You've Cut Yourself

1. Ouch! You've Cut Yourself

Meet your instructor Joel Gamoran, senior resident chef at Sur la Table, and preview the techniques you'll learn in class. Then get started! Hone your knife skills as Joel demonstrates the proper way to handle a sharp blade. Plus, discover which three knives are essential in every kitchen.

2. Poor Kitchen Timing

2. Poor Kitchen Timing

Timing is key -- especially when it comes to the kitchen. Learn how to become a more efficient cook with Joel's guidance. You'll discover how to properly read a recipe and prep the ingredients. Feeding a large crowd? Joel shows you timesaving tricks for getting the meal out on time.

3. Under-Seasoning or Over-Seasoning

3. Under-Seasoning or Over-Seasoning

Enhancing the flavors of your dishes can be as simple as adding a dash of salt. Learn how to achieve that perfect balance with Joel's tried-and-true techniques. Worried that you over-seasoned your sauce? Joel shares some easy fixes. Plus, find out which types of salt work best for your recipes.

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