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with Giuliano Hazan
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Classic Italian Pasta Sauces: Seafood & Vegetable

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Tour 10 of Italy’s most treasured sauces, and recreate them in under an hour with guidance from award-winning Italian cookbook author Giuliano Hazan. From spaghetti alle vongole and fettuccine Alfredo to linguine with basil pesto and more, you’ll explore the incredible flavors of authentic Italian dishes from every region. Braise squid and cook shrimp and scallops for a fresh seafood sauce, and learn two variations of irresistible pesto that you can make in under 10 minutes! Explore three luxurious cream sauces, plus master fundamental skills for prepping, dicing and sautéing an array of fresh vegetables for fettuccine alla primavera and spaghetti alla norma. Join Giuliano, and unlock the secrets behind 10 unforgettable sauces you can serve every night of the week!


  • beginner
  • 5 episodes
  • 2h0m

Included in this Class

1. Seafood Sauces

1. Seafood Sauces

Giuliano shows how to properly prepare a variety of seafood and shares his technique for peeling tomatoes as he makes two succulent sauces.

2. Pesto Sauces

2. Pesto Sauces

Learn which ingredients should be chopped and which ones to add during the final mix as you produce two perfect pestos: basil and walnut.

3. Creamy Sauces

3. Creamy Sauces

Giuliano shares the story behind the classic fettuccine Alfredo as he creates three delectable cream sauces, including gorgonzola and primavera.