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with Peter Berley
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Building Flavorful Soups

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Transform everyday ingredients into an endless variety of soups to please every palate! Learn secrets for developing flavor from James Beard Award-–winner Peter Berley, and discover recipes for more than 20 soups and broths --— plus an array of creative garnishes! Quickly make small-batch broths instead of spending hours simmering, and learn to use chicken, ham and pork to create hearty, homey favorites. Roast vegetables for maximum flavor, then purée for creamy, silky-smooth soups. Delve into the flavors of the sea to make broths from roasted shrimp shells and clams, and explore exotic ingredients like kelp and wakame to build savory umami flavor. You'’ll even learn how to create your favorite miso soup and four Japanese dashis!


  • intermediate
  • 6 episodes
  • 2h30m

Included in this Class

1. Introduction

1. Introduction

Peter tells the story of the stone soup and how you can glean complex flavors from simple trimmings. You'll also learn about umami and get a sneak peek at the broths and soups you'll make!

2. Vegetable & Herb: Broths and Soups

2. Vegetable & Herb: Broths and Soups

Make Peter's simple tomato broth and a savory parmesan broth, and use them to build some quick and tasty soups. You'll also start learning to make richer broths before concocting a delicious barley mushroom soup.

3. Japanese Dashi Variations & Asian Soups

3. Japanese Dashi Variations & Asian Soups

Learn to make vegetarian and fish-based kombu (kelp) dashis. Peter will also further discuss how we experience flavor and how to make "umami bombs" as he teaches you how to make delicious noodle soups and seasonal miso soups.