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Try Baking Bread With This Easy 4-Ingredient Recipe

Looking for an easy homemade bread recipe? This one is easy and quick to put together, so look no further! This cloud bread recipe is a bread alternative that’s light, tasty and easy to make with just four ingredients.

cloud bread

Make delicious cloud bread with just four ingredients!

What is cloud bread?

Cloud bread is a unique food, like nothing I’ve had before. It’s not a true bread since it doesn’t include flour nor water, but its versatility is like that of bread — the texture is fluffy, somewhat spongy and bread-like. And cloud bread can be enjoyed in both savory or sweet ways, just like bread!

I sometimes like to switch up my sandwiches using cloud bread. I find that it’s a great grab-and-go snack to keep around, especially when using some of the flavorful variations I’ve listed below (after the recipe).

cloud bread cut in halfBaked cloud bread
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Cloud bread recipe

Makes 6-8 portions


  • 3 eggs
  • 3 tablespoons cream cheese, softened at room temperature
  • ¼ teaspoon cream of tartar
  • 1 tablespoon granulated sugar or honey
yolk mixture

Step 1:

Preheat oven to 300 F. Separate the eggs — take extra care with doing so. Place yolks in a bowl with cream cheese and sugar.

Place egg whites in the bowl of an electric mixer with the cream of tartar. There should be no trace of yolk in this bowl — otherwise it will not whip up nicely.

smooth yolk mixture

Step 2:

Beat egg yolk mixture with a whisk or hand mixer until it’s smooth and cream cheese is completely incorporated. There should no longer be bits of cream cheese visible. Set aside.

whip egg whites

Step 3:

Using an electric mixer, whip egg whites and cream of tartar until stiff peaks form. This will take about 4-5 minutes at high speed.

fold together

Step 4:

Using a wide spatula, gently fold the yolk mixture into the egg white mixture.


Step 5:

Spoon the mixture into even dollops on a parchment paper–lined cookie sheet. You can make either 6 or 8 buns, depending on how large you want them. The 6-piece size is a good sandwich size and is also wide enough to hold a standard burger patty. Bake for 25-35 minutes if making 6 clouds; 20-30 minutes if making 8 clouds.


The tops should be golden when ready. Let cool for 10 minutes and lift off of the parchment paper. It’ll be easier to do so while warm.

The tasty buns can be served toasted or cold topped with fruit preserves or whipped cream and fresh fruits! Store in an airtight container or resealable bag for up to 3 days at room temperature or one week in the refrigerator.

Delicious cloud bread variations

Now that you’ve got the basics down for making this fluffy cloud bread, Here are some variations to try!

For all these variations, you’ll sprinkle the herbs and/or spices over the portions just before or just after baking. Don’t fold it in with everything else. An important part of this recipe is keeping the egg whites as fluffy as possible, and more folding will deflate them.

Sprinkle just before placing in the oven:

  • Sea salt and pepper
  • Chipotle powder
  • Smoked paprika and sea salt
  • Chopped rosemary
  • Minced onion

Sprinkle or brush just after baking:

  • Shredded cheeses (make mini pizzas!)
  • Butter and garlic (microwave melted butter and minced garlic for 45 seconds or until fragrant)
  • Cinnamon and sugar (brush with melted butter before sprinkling)
  • Caramelized onion

Get creative! I’d love to know how you eat your cloud bread — leave a comment below!

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Oh I can taste them now!!! These will be great as a “special treat” at Nannas for my darling grandsons who have Sealiac. (spelling) ? Disease. I hate it when they come and I dish up the same old thing for them.. I know, I know, there’s plenty of things I can do, but I,m always looking for something different, as I do for the rest of the clan. Can’t wait to try them. Thank youuuuuuu soooo much.

Kate Hallberg

Celiac sprue

The one verified issue with gluten is celiac disease. I’m surrounded by people who think any health problem can be attributed to gluten and it makes me insane, especially the terrible “reasons” gluten is problematic. There’s many who think eliminating it is akin to eliminating something unhealthy like high fructose corn syrup but these are spurious claims.

If they really had a medical issue that required actual dietary restrictions I’m pretty sure they’d regret every moment faking them. I have IBS and have to go back to the beginning by eliminating every possible problematic sugar for 4 weeks, consulting Monash University’s FODMAP app constantly. I bet there’s equally comprehensive apps with brand name foods and recipes for Celiac help. Those generic gluten free… meh… I


can I change the sugar for aspple sauce?


I just made these this morning. They came out just like the picture and so easy to make. I’m diabetic so I had planned to replace the sugar with trivia, but I got distracted and forgot to put the sugar in. I think it tastes just fine without it so I would just leave it out. Great recipe.

Tami Baker

It’s “truvia”.


Wow. Good thing you corrected that! ??


One in every crowd!


Good. I did not like it when I saw
honey or sugar 👍


Thanks Francesgale!


Is there a non sugar sweetener I can use?

Chef Beth

Stevia can be used.


I use coconut sugar in place of refined sugar and it doesn’t hurt my diabetes. You don’t really get a coconut flavor either.


If you need a sugar taste to it, I highly recommend Monkfruit sweetener. It doesn’t have any bitter aftertaste, it is zero glycemic (doesn’t mess with your insulin levels), non GMO, gluten free and no additives.


Where do you get monkfruit sweetener ? Never heard of it .


We get ours on Amazon.


You can get it at the Wheat Belly Market. Unfortunately, I cannot use any sweeteners at all as they all give me migraines. I’m going to try it without any sugar or honey


What can I use instead of cream cheese

Karen Dow

I used plain greek yougurt


Use Xylitol or Erythritol instead of sugar to sweeten the buns.

Tammy Shipione

How many carbs are in this?


I use the spark people recipe calculator, and I did the recipe without sugar (just cream cheese and egg), divided by 6, and got half a gram of carbs per serving. Obviously it’ll be more than that if you use sugar, though!

Barbara williams

Can you use something instead of cream of tarta


Baking powder 1/4 tsp

Kate Hallberg

Why not cream of tartar? It seems innocuous.


My egg whites never firmed up. I used a plastic mixing bowl, does it make a difference?

Ja Kess

You cannot use plastic when whipping egg whites — glass or metal only.


I have made dozens of meringue pies over the years and have always used plastic bowls with no problems. I don’t even use cream of tartar and my egg whites always stiffen up. Make sure the mixing bowl is clean sometimes there may be a little grease leftover in the bowl which can ruin them also if you get a little egg yolk in there when separating eggs can also ruin them.

Mrs Stookey

Plastic mixing bowls don’t allow egg whites to beat up to stiff peaks there is a chemical reaction from the plastic.


Whether you’re whipping egg whites or cream, always use a metal bowl! I put the beaters or METAL whisk inside of the bowl then put in the freezer for 15 min (at least) prior to whipping. All ingredients should also be well chilled. 🙂


Actually, room temperature egg whites will always give you more volume and a better lift


I think chilling is good for whipping cream, but not egg whites. You’d end up with condensation and I think egg whites fall with ANY RESIDUE, including water.


Recipe says sugar or honey. I used honey. Came out too runny. Next time I’ll use either sugar or stevia.


These are the BEST! Enjoy them with cream cheese and strawberry jam! The BEST afternoon snack while watching my favorite show “The Real” ??☕️???


I’ve tried this twice now and it always collapses as I’m folding the yolk mixture into the whites! ??? What am I doing wrong?


I just tried it. For me it was total failure. They were as flat as crepes. I don’t know if I will try it again. 🙁


Fold a small amount of whites into the yolk mixture first, then the rest, it reduced the amount of folding required for the bulk of it.


I think I need to whip the whites longer. Mine look more like pancakes then biscuits like the picture. I think the structure is off or something.


I make these all the time and they always come out great..make sure that the egg whites are very stiff. I add cinnamon sugar along with some raisins and they taste like raisin bread..


I used almond milk cream cheese to make dairy free. Worked perfect.


You can’t whip egg whites when it’s humid out they won’t get stiff peaks.Also make sure your bowl is super clean and no residue of any kind. This is for egg whites for ANY recipe And it is so important that the eggs are at room temperature.


I’ve made this twice now and it is delicious! Do you think it would work if I cooked it as a loaf instead of rounds? Also, do you know how long it will keep fresh for? I’d like to make a huge batch instead of making it new every other day. Thanks!


I saw this made into a loaf instead of buns on Pinterest.


has anyone tried it without sugar at all?


Just made it, came out great. I used Stevie instead of sugar or honey fluffy used as hamburger bun works great. I used 2 for Hamburg bun


I make them all the time and after they cool they go flat why is that

Marcia S.

I am a little confused: some people say keep eggs at room temp. If I put my bowl in the freezer for a few minutes before whipping the egg whites then do I really need to use eggs at room temp.?
Also, I am looking for a response to the question: Do I have to use cream of tartar?
Is it the cream of tartar that gives my cloud bread that bitter taste? Is there a good substitute? Thanks!


There was a response to using 1/4 tsp of baking powder instead of cream of tartar although, I don’t think it would leave a bitter taste. Not unless it’s gone bad (which can happen). I should know. I have to drink it in a cup of Orange juice or milk every morning. (Potassium shot)


I just made some with baking powder and it came out great. I also used a little garlic salt instead of sugar. My eggs were cold and I put them in the mixing bowl, then in the fridge while I prepared the egg yolks. I used my kitchenaid mixer.


How long and on what number did you make your egg whites? Mine just won’t reach peak levels.


I don’t use sugar in mine at all and I use cold eggs… for a bread substitute I like it better without the sugar. My question is I have not found an ideal way of storing them any suggestions? I make these all the time they are not difficult at all and I’m no pro in the baking department. Don’t over think the process just jump in and do what you do .


I use baking powder instead of cream of tartar… mine has too strong of an egg flavor… can I put a dash of cream into the egg yolk mixture?


Before whipping egg whites clean your bowl with vinegar or lemon juice to remove any oil or fat residue – egg whites will get stiff peaks! Cream of tartar helps to masks the eggy flavor & helps the texture too.


I have made the cloud bread a few times…this is a good option for me because I have so many food allergies. I follow the recipe, the bread looks just like the picture and taste great. I store my bread in the fridge.


you can make these without the sugar or any sweetener at all. just eggs, cream of tartar and i’m going to try it with drained greek yogurt which we always have in the house but dont always have the cream cheese. should work just fine as its the same density/thickness. 🙂


Has anyone had any success using egg substitute? I tried using Orgran No Egg for the yokes and egg white powder for the egg whites. The egg whites came out fine but even though i followed the directions for the Orgran no eggs it wasn’t quite right.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Hi. Just tried this to be used as a pie crust. My egg whites were perfect. I could put the bowl over my head and they would stay put but once i started folding it into the egg yolks it went liquidy. Any idea what might have happened? It’s ok for the crust but I was hoping to make buns later.


Just want to say that I just tried making this, and my whites deflated once I put the yoke mixture in — perhaps I folded too harshly– but I don’t like wasting so I just tried to make it work, and surprisingly it did. So if this happens to anyone else, try pouring it into a tart tray and baking it at 325-350 for 15 minutes instead, or until they’re golden brown. I estimated the time and kept a close eye on them while cooking so I can’t guarantee the time measurement to work always. They’ll deflate a little (sadly) once they come out, but still taste great, and you won’t have to waste your mixture!


you need to put the egg whites into the yolks like 1/3 at a time – you cant put the yolks into the egg whites. it makes a difference. so if you put the yolks into the bowl of egg whites that’s probably what caused it to not come out right. egg whites are so picky!

Suzanne Edwards

Thank you…. mine didn’t work either


Where can I find the nutritional info? I need the carb count. TIA!


Did you ever get the nutritional info on these?


My Fitness Pal says four carbs per bun if you make six buns and use honey.


One day I looked up 1 tbl of honey said 17 carbs!


I just did the same…wow! I think I’ll try the recipe without it.


Does anyone know how well they freeze? What the texture is like when they thaw. I am looking for an alternate for bread so my daughter can take sandwiches to school. Don’t have time to make in the mornings. I would like to be able to stock up on the week end and pull them out and use as needed. I need to know if they will go soggy when they thaw or will be ok in a sandwich.


No cream of tarter on hand so I substituted the 1/4 tsp with baking powder & they turned out great!


Just tried this. I did not put any sugar in mine and didn’t have cream cheese so substituted with vanilla greek yogurt. They turned out great!

janice potter

has anyone tried ricotta cheese instead of cream cheese

Kate Hallberg

I think you’d want to drain the whey.


Made these tonight and turned out awesome! I used baking powder instead of cream of tarter and did not use sugar. Came out spongy and fluffy!


Mine look perfect but are wet inside, solid not runny but not dry enough. Feels like a pre-made scrambled egg patty…
Any ideas what I did wrong?


Can you use Neufchâtel instead of cream cheese?


A couple of people seem to be putting the yolks into the fluffed up whites. It has to be done the other way round, peeps. You fold the fluffy whites into the yolks.


you’re probably right about folding the whites into the Yolks but in Step 4 on the web page it says “fold the yolk into the whites”


what cream cheese do you use ? im new to low carb cooking and still not tried many recipes yet but i do miss my sandwhiches lol so wanted to try these , also (ive never been a great cook and i might seem simple) but im presuming the yolks and cream cheese get mixed first before adding the whisked egg whites ?


Step 4 says to gently fold yolks into egg white mixture…


It would be nice to be able to print the recipe with out printing 29 pages !!


Do these have to made into individual rolls, or can a loaf type version be made?


I see that everyone is substituting everything lol on that note with all the substitute suggestions, I don’t have cream cheese at the moment, could I use non fat plain yogurt?


Looks like a great recipe! Gonna try it today, who has the breakdown of NUTRITION FACTS somewhere?? Thanks!


I followed the recipe. However, I tried whipping my eggs in a plastic bowl. Never would form stiff peaks. I know that the plastic is what I did wrong. I went ahead and baked them, even though they were flat. Just tasted like eggs to me. Will getting the stiff peaks make that much of a difference in taste?


The recipe actually says to put the yolk mixture into the egg whites, yet some comments said you’re supposed to put the whites into the yolk!! I’m confused now!! I just did mine and they’re a little runny but I did what the recipe said – yolks into whites.


Can you use fat free cream cheese?


I just made them and they turned out great! I found if you beat the cream cheese with the eggs cold, and then add them to the egg whites the egg white stays up and doesn’t collapse. They came out just like they are in the picture.


I have made them one batch with 1/4 teaspoon of salt instead of the Splenda and another with a Tablespoon of Splenda and my family loved both versions.

Doris Lund

I made the cloud bread on a cookie sheet tonight so that it was like a sheet cake. I baked it for 29 minutes and then I put my pizza toppings on and baked it for 15 more minutes. My husband asked me to be sure and make it again soon. It was so good.


I made this last night and my family loved it. I skipped the sugar and I broke the last egg yolk so I was only able to beat two whites, and they weren’t very fluffy. I may add a bit of flour next time to give them more structure, since the only reason to avoid it is my daughter’s personal preference to cut back.


I made these last night and left sweetener out and they are delicious!!!!


Can you freeze them

Cathy Grindle

Did anyone get the nutritional values?


Mine looked great but collapsed when they came out of the oven.


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