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Rainbow Rosette Cake

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Amanda Rettke made Rainbow Rosette Cake with:

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Simple Piping, Stunning Results

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Q&A with Amanda Rettke

dooley8850 asked:
I really love your cakes. I have not gotten the nerve to try this. Do you use a turntable to do this? This looks like a three layer cake? What pan did you use?
Amanda Rettke answered:
Yes, I use a turn table. This is a 4-layer cake using an 8-inch cake pan.
Barry McGuire asked:
like this, going to try
Amanda Rettke answered:
Cant wait to see Barry!
ljlavy8276166 asked:
love your cakes!!!!!!!!
Amanda Rettke answered:
Thank you!
temmyojom9537940 asked:
Awesome. What tip did you use.
Amanda Rettke answered:
This is a open star tip, like a 2D or 1M :)